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This College Trains Nannies For Royals And High Profile Families

If you’ve ever considered a career caring for Prince George and Princess Charlotte, or perhaps if you’re looking to get a job as a nanny with one of the most high profile families in the world, then attending Britain’s Norland College is a must.

Founded in London in 1892 by Emily Ward, Norland College is famous throughout the world for providing nannies for aristocrats and royals. According to Spectator, having a Norland graduate as one’s nanny has become the ultimate status symbol among the elite.

Anyone can spot Norland students by their uniforms. Ladies who are in training to become nannies are dressed in a tan uniform, brown bowler hat, and white gloves. The girls are often reminded that they are neither au pairs nor lowly servants, but are something noble as they are being groomed to care for members of royal families, and possibly even a future king or queen.

Apart from learning how to feed, bathe, and comfort a child, Norland nannies are also taught skills that are more suited to James Bond than Mary Poppins. According to The Daily Mail, students are taught evasive driving to help them escape from ambushes, to hand to hand combat while pushing a stroller.

They are also taught to avoid the paparazzi to protect the children’s privacy. All this special training enables them to protect the children that they’re caring for, as they can be the target of kidnappers and terrorists.

Back in 2014, Norland was put in the spotlight as one of its graduates, Maria Turrion Borrallo, was chosen to be Prince George’s nanny. She is currently caring for both the 3-year-old and his sister, Princess Charlotte.

Norland graduate Hannah Brown told The Telegraph about the application process and what it takes to be a Norland nanny. Brown said that out of “couple of hundred girls” that applied, only 48 of them were accepted to attend the learning institution. Apart from writing an essay and reading a children’s story, applicants are interviewed to make sure that they want the job for the right reasons.

“The interview is designed to make sure that you’re in this because you love children, not for any perks that might come with the job,” she said.

Students attend Norland College for three years, and apart from self-defense and changing diapers, they are also taught how to cook and sew.

Brown said that she has gotten a lot of attention whenever she wore the iconic uniform and that people would often come to talk to her.

“If people know what you do then the response is usually lovely,” she said. “Norland has a wonderful reputation and it’s an honor to think that Norland nannies are being employed for events like Princess Charlotte’s christening.”

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