Mar 22, 2017 04:56 AM EDT

Ad Firm Databerries Raises $16M To Launch Operations In the US

French advertising company Databerries has successfully raised $16 million in investment funds. The money will be used to launch its product in the United States.

Venture Beat reports that Databerries, a French advertising firm, has raised $16 million with the help of Index Ventures, ISAI, and Mosaic Ventures. The capital will be used to set up operations in the United States of America.

The news website adds that according to Databerries COO, Francois Wyss, the U.S. is the largest advertising market in the world. That is why they are bringing their marketing solution to that side of the globe, a marketing solution that they have proven to work and is unique and different to others that are available.

What exactly is this unique and proven marketing solution? The ad firm uses an approach it calls "Real Life Marketing" to target customers.

According to Venture Beat, retailers' mobile ads target customers who have previously visited their stores or that of their competitor's and try to entice them back. Through this, marketers can measure how those ads result in store visits.

CEO Benoit Grouchko stated that some retailers spend billions in offline marketing but are not able to accurately measure whether or not it is efficient. Databerries, however, is able to bridge online and offline marketing by offering a traffic acquisition solution.

The bridge, he says, allows offline marketing but at the same time leverages online advertising standards. These standards are accurate targeting, performance measurement, personalization, and optimization of the return on investment.

Tech Crunch reports that company has been working with more than a hundred businesses. Some of the firms include Toys R Us and McDonalds.

This is not the first time Databerries has raised funds, reports Venture Beat. It had previously raised $1.8 million. For more business related news and updates, follow Jobs & Hire.

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