Mar 22, 2017 05:08 AM EDT

Nintendo Addresses Biggest Issue People Have With The Switch

It has been two weeks since the debut of Nintendo’s highly-anticipated gaming console, the Switch, and the device has been flying out of online and actual shelves as gamers cannot wait to get their hands on the portable device.

Because it’s still early days for the Nintendo Switch, it’s inevitable that some customers will be complaining about some of its features, and apparently, the biggest issue that gamers have with the console has something to do with its controller design.

According to BGR, the Switch’s Joy-Con controllers are made up of two separate pieces that attach to either side of the console. However, these can be removed and used wirelessly as two separate controllers, or players can also use one controller when mounted on a special grip.

Some customers reportedly claimed that the left half of the Joy-Con tends to lose its connection with the console temporarily when it is being used wirelessly. This causes much frustration for gamers, as the controller becomes unresponsive for up to 5 to 6 seconds.

Nintendo addressed the controller issue, and in a statement to Forbes, the electronics and video game company said they take pride in creating quality products and that they want their customers to have a positive gaming experience. Moreover, Nintendo said that it is expected that consumers will have questions on any new piece of technology and that the Switch is no exception.

“There are no widespread technical problems, and all issues are being handled promptly, including the reports regarding the Joy-Con Bluetooth connection,” the company said.

Nintendo added that they are continuously updating their online customer support site and are providing real-time answers to all the questions that they are receiving about the Nintendo Switch.

Though there has been no explanation given with regards to the Joy-Con glitch, Nintendo assures its customers that they are aware of the issue and are addressing any problems that gamers might encounter while playing.

Despite the Joy-Con problem, the Nintendo Switch continues to be a very covetable piece of technology worldwide. As previously reported by Jobs & Hire, Nintendo is planning to double production of the Switch, and 16 million more units are expected to be released over the next months.

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