Mar 24, 2017 04:01 AM EDT

Facebook Opens The Facebook Audience Network

Facebook is opening its Audience Network with six other tech partners. This comes together with its header bidding platforms.

Adweek reports that Facebook's Audience Network will be opened to mobile web publishers who want to use header bidding through a group of technology partners. Facebook's six partners are Amazon Publisher Services, AppNexus, Index Exchange,, Sonobi, and lastly Sortable.

The Business Insider states that Facebook will not be building its own header bidding. Rather, it will open it up to publishers who use header bidding technology.

According to Adweek, web publishers are able to auction inventory to multiple potential buyers at the same time through header bidding. It reportedly makes the buying process more democratic and increases the publishers' revenues.

Facebook says that through the Audience Network, publishers are seeing a 10 to 30 percent increase in their revenues, writes the Business Insider. However, it is not only because of the revenue gains that makes it a growing trend.

The BI adds that ad tech players love it because it is able to weaken Google's monopoly. It cites an example of Google's revenue dropping from 90 percent to around 40 to 50 percent.

It adds that this is an "unprecedented attack" against its rival Google which is estimated to take 33 percent of the global digital ad market share, while Facebook will take 16.2 percent. It writes further that the Audience Network is a sign that the social media giant, which normally does not offer complete access to its data and inventory, is willing to build a relationship with the ad tech community.

There are criteria that companies who want to be included in the partnership must meet, reports the Business Insider. David Jakubowski, the person who leads Facebook's ad tech group, says that firms must see to it that their services stand by the following principles: all demand sources get the same information at the same time, the source willing to pay the most gets the ad space, there is no "averaged" waterfall nor a secret auction, and there is a stability as well as a diversification of revenue for the publishers.

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