Mar 25, 2017 06:37 AM EDT

Uber Launches New Program To Track Teen Passengers

Most parents of teenagers often worry about their whereabouts, and that their kids may not be completely honest on where they’re going. But Uber’s new program is about to help parents track their kids down as it launches a new program specifically designed for teens.

In a press release posted on Thursday, March 23, at the Uber Newsroom site, the ride-sharing company announced that they are piloting a new program that gives teenagers ages 13 to 17 a way to conveniently and independently move around with Uber.

The program was launched on the same day in Phoenix, Arizona, and parents in the area can invite their teens to join a Family Profile and create an Uber account specially for them.

Once a teen accepts the invitation and creates the account, they’ll be able to get rides from experienced Uber drivers who have consistently received high ratings from previous passengers.

To be able to keep track of their children, a receipt will be sent to the parents, complete with full trip details after each ride.

As a way to ensure that the teen arrives at wherever it is that they tell their parents that they’re going to, Uber will send notifications to the parent when the teen arrives at the destination. Moreover, parents will also get informed if teens ask to be dropped off more than 1,000 meters from their expected destination.

The new Uber teen service means that kids who tell their parents that they’re studying at the library won’t be getting away with sneaking to a friend’s house to hang out. As an extra precaution, parents will also be getting notifications if the destination or expected time of arrival changes.

Those who want to track their teen’s trip in real time may also do so using the map inside their Uber app.

Phoenix-based parent Charlotte Loomer, who is a mother of three teenage boys, told the Phoenix Business Journal that the new Uber teen service will help her out as a mom. Loomer, who is also an Uber driver in the area, also said that the option gives her another way to earn money for the family.

“As a driver, I like being able to help,” said Loomer. “I know what it means for me to know that my kids are safe and will take them to where they need to go.”

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