Mar 25, 2017 06:36 AM EDT

ReBoot Career Accelerator Program: A Company Focusing On Careers Of Technology-Prone Women

By Jai S.

We live in a world where technology is ever-changing at an unimaginable pace, which affects people on hiatus from their jobs, especially women. A similar situation occurred with Nancy Jensen who has an impressive job profile as a technical employee. But she overcame her fears and brought to us a brand new firm called ReBoot Career Accelerator program. 

While on a two- to three-year leave raising her kids, Jensen's skills rusted and she lost her confidence when giving a job interview at a technical firm. But she later came to know about a program called ReBoot Career Accelerator in Redwood City, CA that helped update people with the technical services used in the contemporary world. This prompted her towards an idea to start her very own firm with similar services. Thus, we have the birth of ReBoot Career Accelerator Program, which offers an eight-week program (with a meeting once a week) focusing on women looking forward to entering technical firms and establish their careers, cited Seattle Times

According to reports by Harvard Business Review, it is a common trend for women to leave their jobs due to various reasons. An estimated 43 percent of women with children do so and 37 percent women without children are also noted to do it as well.

ReBoot Career Accelerator Program offers various services such as teaching people programming in a few months and also offer tech accelerators aimed at upbringing startups. According to Jensen, re-entering the workforce can take a long time, but through their program, the time frame is shortened.

Jensen further notes that ReBoot Career Accelerator Program further helps women setting up their LinkedIn profiles, explaining salary negotiation strategies, and updating them on how to deal with their careers. A recent update also notes of ReBoot to initiate a partnership with CoMotion space of the University of Washington on March 29, 2017.

This program, which costs around $995, is currently running an eight-week batch with a one-week immersion course, which will last until the upcoming winter. In addition, the program has also presented with six scholarships for the future partnership setup, which are all noted to be funded by Expedia. ReBoot program is certainly a step towards helping out women from various technical backgrounds so that they can stay updated with the competitive world nowadays. 

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