Mar 28, 2017 05:24 AM EDT

‘League Of Legends’ News: New Game Mode

A new game mode is being introduced in the "League of Legends." It's called the "All Random Summoner's Rift" or ARSR.

WWG and L4T3NCY report that the new game mode in "League of Legends" is exactly as its title implies. It is purely "All Random Summoner's Rift."

Well, that's not too complicated. The details reveal that the ARSR involves all the random champions in a regular game of Summoner's Rift. Champions are randomized (hence the name) from the gamer's own champ pool, with a free-to-play rotation.

What's more, gamers can earn keys or chests, as well as use the same pick paradigm as ARURF or as ARAM. In addition, rerolls are allowed and shared with ARAM.

L4T3NCY said that while the "All Random Summoner's Rift" is not permanent, it could be. He wrote that if it gives everyone a good time and is healthy, they might consider enabling it as a permanent game mode.

He also said that unlike Dominion or the other gameplay heave modes, the "All Random Summoner's Rift" simply works for the most part. It does not need any upkeep patch to patch.

The new game mode keeps the essence of Summoner's Rift. WWG writes that no gameplay changes have been made and that the experience remains pure with its "ambient gold/EXP/etc" intact and the same.

In other news, last December 2016, it was reported that "League of Legends" made a $300 million deal to create its own streaming app. The app will supplement platforms such as YouTube and Twitch.

It will also improve fans' experience by backing features such as video-on-demand and player profiles. It will reportedly cost BAMTech roughly $300 million and is exclusive through 2023, reports Jobs & Hire.

There will be no pay-per-view as streaming will be free. Premium content plans have not been ruled out, however. 

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