Nov 01, 2018 06:15 PM EDT

Meet The New Generation Of Sales All-Stars

Millennials may catch some flack for being digitally minded, idealistic, emotional and strongly interdependent, but you could argue that it is precisely these qualities that make them suited for a career in sales. As the industry adapts to new technologies, new social consciousness ideals and a stronger emphasis on emotional intelligence, this new generation of salespeople might be able to teach everyone a thing or two.

That's not to mention that, as time passes, more and more millennials will occupy a position of buying authority. As millennials become the new buyers, who will be better primed to understand their needs than those of the same demographic? The sales industry needs to look at creative ways to appeal to young people - especially those who find new sales job positions through a recruiter. This post will look at how to pitch a career in sales to a new generation of employees, as well as look at forward-thinking companies like Sales Talent Agency that are extending an invitation.

Selling Young People On Sales

Sales is a skill-driven profession. It requires the ability to problem solve, to manage people, and to communicate clearly and effectively. The sooner you can convince young people that sales is no longer just about peddling products - that rather, it is about forming and maintaining relationships - the more interest you will generate. Increasingly, young people want their work to have a purpose (a desire everyone would to well to understand) so selling young people on sales is less about pitching your company's product, but rather its purpose.

The Great Canadian Sales Competition

Enter the GCSC - the Great Canadian Sales Competition - founded by the sales recruitment company Sales Talent Agency to help get college-aged young people involved in sales and related skills. Sponsored by major companies like Air Canada, Manulife, Shopify and Sysco, the GCSC is no small-scale competition; it is a big opportunity for young people to make an impression with B2B employers, as well as learn valuable business- and sales-related skills.

The competition works on a three-round system: the first round requires participants to send a short video pitch; the second round whittles down submissions to a select few who work with the GCSC's 25 sponsors to learn how to pitch specific products and services; and the final round sees a few chosen participants simulating a first sales meeting with real senior business leaders. Throughout the competition, participants grow, learn and gain a rare chance to impress top employers.

The first round is concluding soon (December 4th) but there might still be time to get submissions in. If there is a young person in your life who is interested in business or sales, or whom you think would make an effective communicator, this is a great opportunity to get them involved. A short video pitch is all they need, and with some preparation and a camera (their phone will do the trick) they can be on their way to winning the $7,500 prize, kicking off what could be a fruitful career in sales.

The new generation of sales all-stars is out there. The first step is to understand how to get young people involved, and luckily there are opportunities like the GCSC out there to help open the door.

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