Nov 26, 2018 03:55 PM EST

Pursuing Part Time MBA Provides One-Two Punch

Networking is a key component to a lucrative career in business and it's important to take your ability to make connections into account when you are choosing where you go to school. Many people who have already started their careers and planted their roots in the business and finance industry are now choosing to go to school part time in order to add an MBA to their resume. Employers admire team members who work while they're in school and many managers promote from within the company once you've achieved your degree.

Building a business profile is easier in major financial capitals like Toronto, and pursuing a part time MBA program while working is a great way to expand your personal network while earning a prestigious degree. There are many benefits to working and studying concurrently such as the ability to hone leadership skills such as prioritization, adaptability and time management.

You can easily focus on the development of your business profile by documenting your capabilities within your MBA program. It's a good idea to keep track of things like case studies and research projects that are relevant to your business goals and the way you want your resume to read. You can pursue a degree with a specialization that will bring you closer to the business and finance industry that interests you, and you can test your new knowledge directly in the workplace.

The Lazaridis School of Business & Economics has a satellite campus conveniently located in the heart of Toronto's financial district, and flexible part time class schedules are offered to allow for students to take classes outside of work hours on Friday evenings and Saturdays. Visit their site to learn about part time MBA programs - including those that can be completed in as few as 2.3 years or extended over 5 years, with options for CPA qualifications as well as a double degree consisting of an MBA and a Master of Finance. A variety of specializations are available for MBA students: Marketing, Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Financial Management, International Business Management, Operations Management, Strategic Management, Organizational Behavior & Human Resource Management and Supply Chain Management. These specializations can be helpful to students who are already working and want to improve their knowledge in a certain aspect of their chosen field.

Toronto is home to a thriving financial district and attending a school that's close to the action is important when it comes to networking. You can work and study in close proximity to the city's vibrant nightlife, high-end restaurants as well as its business and technology resources. A culture of innovation and productivity is often associated with Toronto, attracting bright minds from around the world to attend conferences and networking events like Elevate, a city-wide technology festival that showcases startup companies, and can introduce students to leading entrepreneurs as well as investors.

It's important to hold on to the connections you have made so far in the career you've worked hard to build, and there's no reason why you can't continue to strengthen your network while you attend school. If you're already working and pursuing a part-time degree, it's worth looking into the many networking events that Toronto has to offer.

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