Dec 17, 2018 08:00 PM EST

4 Renovation Projects to Get the New Year Started Right

2019 is officially upon us, which means it's time to wheel out those home improvement resolutions. Not only do home renovations make living a little better, but they also help bump up the resale value of your home, making them great long-term investments. And, increasingly, homeowners are looking past resale considerations when renovating, and toward making their home more eco-friendly.

Whatever your motivation, now is the time to start, as you gain nothing by waiting. From big, expensive projects, to smaller DIY ones, there's always some way to improve your home. Here are four ideas to help get you started.

1. New Bathroom Fixtures

For home renovations, bathrooms are often the first room homeowners turn to, because you can easily see your money in the improvements. The fact of the matter is that some bathroom fixtures don't age well, growing increasingly grimy, inefficient and, well, out of fashion. Install modern, water-efficient fixtures with the help of a professional plumber, who will ensure that the renovation goes smoothly, and notify you if there are any unseen plumbing issues to address. If you need tips for finding the right plumber consult the handy guide linked here.

2. A Deck Addition

Probably the most labour intensive of the projects on this list, a deck addition nevertheless pays for itself with the value boost it provides. If you have extra yard space, a wooden deck addition is the perfect value-adding project, one that you and your family can actually enjoy. It opens up room for a large outdoor dining table, a serious BBQ setup and potentially even a gazebo.

3. A New Coat of Paint

Not all home improvement projects need to be gigantic. Sometimes, you can get as much enjoyment out of a new coat of pain than you can from a whole deck addition. Repainting is less about upping the resale value, and more about making your home more of a true expression of yourself. When undertaking a paint job yourself, remember to prep the surface, apply ample primer (tinted with the final colour) and use rollers and extensions for coverage.

4. Energy Efficient Lighting

As much about cutting down on energy consumption as they are about shaving a few bucks off your monthly energy bill, installing LEDs is a wonderful, "low-key" home improvement project. They last much longer than conventional lights, and use a fraction of the energy. You can try installing LED pot lights (AKA recessed lights) and strip lights alone, but if you are uncomfortable working with wiring, don't hesitate to call in an electrician or handyman. As home improvements go, this is a fairly straightforward one, though no less rewarding for being so.

If you are looking to start 2019 with a little change, try one of these fantastic home improvement projects. For the most part, you can do these by yourselves, though where plumbing and electrical work is concerned, it's better to ring up the experts. Here's to your newly improved home!

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