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8 Job Prospects and Earnings You Can Expect in 2019

Sometimes, we consider college the surest way to have a lucrative career. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, an individual with a bachelor's degree earns more than a person with just a diploma from high school. Increasingly, students want to understand the income and career opportunities associated with their chosen college education. We have analyzed data for popular college majors to determine which majors come with the best job prospects and earnings in 2019. All statistics of pay for different majors in this article are from a compensation research firm PayScale.

1. Finance

Workers with financial knowledge are in high a demand as there are increasingly complex investment portfolios, new regulations and more products that need the services of these professionals. These needs mean more opportunities and generous pay for the individuals in this field. Financial analysts earn a median salary of more than $80,000 per year while personal financial advisers typically earn up to $86,800 per year. Generally, the median starting salary for all majors in this field is $43,250.

2. Actuarial Mathematics

Professionals in this field work in the finance and insurance industries helping to analyze the cost of risk and uncertainty. Professionals in this field are now in high demand owing to the new and ever-changing financial regulations and health care laws that have helped to drive a company's needs for their services. Actuaries are well compensated and their starting salary is $56,400 a year.

3. Physics

There is not much force needed to speed up a physics major to a lucrative career. The clearest path to take with this degree is to work as a physicist but you can take an advanced degree for more lucrative pay. Typically, physicists have a generous starting annual salary of about $58,600 and a promising projected job growth rate. Professionals in this field can also work as a computer engineer, an aerospace engineer, or civil engineer.

4. Business Administration

This is a great career path for those who want to spend their college years learning how to be a boss. Possible courses in this field include statistics, accounting, economics, and some other slightly less numerically focused courses such as marketing, business ethics and law, and business policy and strategy. Workers with this degree can work as sales supervisors, accountants, financial managers, and other management positions. Professionals in this field can earn up to $46,300 as a starting salary and up to $76,800 as a mid-career salary annually.

5. Management Information Systems

The ability to combine technology with leadership abilities can be a winning career formula. The focus of this course is how to implement technology within a company or organization. A degree in MIS can lead to a career in different computer-related fields. One of the highest paying positions is that of an information systems manager as it has a median salary of about $130,000 per year. With a bachelor's degree in MIS, you can work as a computer systems analyst. The average starting salary here is $57,900 and a mid-career salary of $101,300 yearly.

6. Computer Science

It should not be a surprise to see computer-related fields on this list as computers are everywhere. Individuals with the knowledge of how to make, modify, and master these machines are well compensated and in high demand. Systems and applications developers typically earn up to $103,083 a year. Also, students focusing on software engineering and computer engineering have promising career prospects in 2019 too. Professionals in this field can earn up to $65,000 as a starting salary and up to $110,000 as a mid-career salary.

7. Mechanical Engineering

Students in this field study what machines are made of and how they work. Degree holders in this field can easily find a job and they have a starting salary of $64,000 and a mid-career salary of $106,800.

8. Biomedical Engineering

An aging population helps to boost the need for biomedical procedures and devices such as knee and hip replacements. It helps to have the ability to solve problems, a creative mind, and an interest in medicine to be successful in this field. This is a very lucrative career path today with a starting salary of $103,500.

3 Practical Tips on How to Get a Job of Your Dream

1. Focus Your Search

Sorting through all the possible companies, industries, and departments can immediately leave you confused - what company to choose? So it is important to narrow your search to the few industries related to your field of study. This can make your job search less overwhelming. So you'd better have enough time to research all the companies you are applying for attentively.

2. Research the Company

It is always tempting for job seekers to use a fast way - to send a generic resume and cover letter to different companies in a day or even in an hour without any additional research. They believe this would save their time. You can imagine what a recruiter would think and do when they see a generic letter that is not related to the job that is advertised. Therefore, it is important to take some time to understand the role and the company you are applying for.

3. Identify Your Strongest Skills

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