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Should You Quit Your Job Before You Get Another One?

Being unhappy with your current job is hardly a pleasant situation to find yourself in. The thought of going through the daily grind can often become too much. It gets to the stage where thoughts turn to finding something else, but when do you make that leap of faith?

Some individuals may believe that they should quit their current job even before they get another one, but is this right? Surely the very idea of doing this would put you in an even more difficult position?

Well, I'm going to show you that with the correct planning it won't lead to as many problems as you feared.

Remember It's Your Decision Alone

First, I want to remind you that this is something that is your decision. You have the final say on all of this no matter what anybody else may tell you.

If you tell people that you want to quit and do something else it will lead to all kinds of opinions being thrown at you. However, if you feel settled in your decision, then that is the most important thing of all.

I would even go as far as to say that you should set some kind of target for yourself and then stick to it. If you are often fed up in your current position, then tell yourself that you will quit after a certain number of months. Then, use that time to look for something else that's more appealing on job websites. But the key is that you have decided on this and nobody else.

Think About The Positives And Negatives

I would also recommend sitting down and thinking about the positives and negatives associated with this decision. On the one hand, you have money coming in but then how much do you hate your current job and is it affecting you in a huge way?

Think of it like this. If your current job is literally making you depressed then what would your state of mind represent in a monetary sense? Of course, that is a bit of an extreme example but you get the point I'm making.

The idea here is that if you see there are a number of negatives associated with you staying in your job, then you are going to become less fearful about making that leap of faith. On the other hand, if there are more positives for staying, then go back to the first point regarding planning to make things easier.

Don't Get Caught Up In The Details

Even though I'm talking about making a plan, I don't want you to get all caught up in the details or spend too long on it. Instead, see it as merely preparation and to get yourself organized in some way.

Taking that leap into the relative unknown is stressful and worrying, just like investing in cryptocurrency on a Bitcoin exchange. As I said earlier, you may have some potential sense of security in your current job. With this, it's very easy to overthink the future or what you would like to do. If this happens, it won't take much to put you off changing job. We can complicate things to such an extent that you may completely change your opinion.

Instead, keep it simple. Think about what you would like to do and how you go about doing that. See how you feel with that situation before thinking about how you turn that into a reality.

Be Honest With Your Situation

Honesty regarding your situation is the best policy. You need to accept that other issues may keep you in your current job. After all, if you live by relying on your pay each month to cover the bills, then quitting before something else is ready to go is hardly a good idea.

Then, there's the question as to whether somebody else can support you between jobs. Throw in how likely you are to get another job soon, and what you have are situations that require some careful consideration before taking that leap.

Of course, taking that leap of faith in itself can make you feel free, but it shouldn't happen when it will cause problems elsewhere.

Quitting your current job before you have something else is a big question to ask yourself. Due to this, you have to take some time to weigh it all up before coming to a conclusion as to whether you can make that move. There's little point doing something that may lead you into a worse predicament because you hardly need that extra stress. Listen to others, but more importantly listen to your own self as that is the key.

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