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Why Teachers Need to Embrace Esports in Education

Did you know that at this moment, 96 universities and colleges are members of the NACE? That abbreviation stands for the National Association of Collegiate Esports. The organization sets specific rules, which the teams follow to compete. Universities like Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Harvard, and Duke have their own eSports teams and they compete for a top position in tournaments. 

So anyone who says that eSports is below the standard of serious education should take a look at that list. 

Some of the most prestigious schools understood the benefits of eSports and embraced the opportunity to create another sports team on campus. 

It's about time for all teachers to understand that eSports in schools are a good thing. 

Students Are Passionate about Esports

The greatest reason why teachers should embrace eSports is that students are passionate about it. The trend is not going anywhere, and students are not going to abandon their hobby just because we want them to study more. They can find the time for it, and they are doing it pretty successfully. 

League of Legends, Overwatch, CS:Go, Fortnite, and many other awesome games hold their attention for hours. Believe it or not, these students can still find the time to attend classes and study, while getting better at their favorite games as well. Go here and watch these esport games live, you will be impressed by how fun they are! 

A student who loves gaming won't necessarily skip homework and if they need high-quality case study help, they hire a professional service. Do you always expect that from the members of the chess club? They also invest a lot of time in their hobby. These are normal students with special interest and talent, which we should support. 

Many Schools Are Getting on Board

As more colleges and universities start to support sports teams, we can expect specific scholarships to be granted to talented students. Isn't that enough for high-school teachers to embrace the trend? 

It all started back in 2014, with Robert Morris University in Illinois being the first university to announce a League of Legends team sponsored with a scholarship. Other universities followed the example, and now we have the National Association of Collegiate Esports as an official governing body of the activities. 

If 96 colleges being members of NACE seemed like a big number, check this one: the number of schools with active eSports teams on the CSL (Collegiate Star League) platform is 699. 

Students who are great at eSports will get more opportunities to get into the college of their choice. With finances being one of the most common student problems, a chance to get a scholarship is certainly a legit reason to support these activities. 

Schools Can Provide Structure

Whether we like it or not, students are going to engage in eSports. Startups will appear, and they will want to sponsor the most talented students. They will treat them as part of their business plan, and it will be difficult to bring the focus of these students back to studying therefore college essay editor profession is so popular. 

When eSports are part of the school's extracurricular activity, we keep the students safe. We can support their talent and their aspirations in the safe environment that we create. The teachers can address the misogyny, violence, and other aspects of the games. They can teach the students how to recognize these elements and understand why they are wrong. 

Esports Are Sports

Is modern art art? Of course it is. 

Are eSports sports? Yes. 

Sure; modern art and eSports are very different than the traditional concepts of art and sports. But they are modern, and we have to accept that. 

There are few elements that define an activity as sport: physical exertion, skill, and competition for entertainment. According to this definition, it's clear why eSports should be a sport. They qualify under the standard understanding. Several colleges and universities already recognize eSports as a collegiate sport. So why should we stand behind? 

Embrace the New Opportunities!

If you're one of the ones thinking that eSports are a waste of time, it's time to shift that point of view. These games improve the analytical and critical thinking skills of the players. In addition, they provide opportunities for financial gain, which young students certainly appreciate. 

When high-school students realize that a college can provide a scholarship based on this skill, they will see higher education as the most exciting thing in the world. 

It's about time for all schools to consider creating and supporting eSports team. Instead of fighting the trends, we should simply embrace them.


Robert Everett is one of the most versatile gamers you'll find. Instead of being stuck with a single game, he likes to experiment with each one he finds. You can read his reviews and opinions on Twitter.

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