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Why Applicants Should Include Volunteer Experience on a Job Application

Why Applicants Should Include Volunteer Experience on a Job Application

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As job seekers begin their search for a more rewarding, better paying job, it will be advisable for them to include all past experience on the job application to give them an edge or certainly a boost over others who also make it to the interview step in the hiring process. While education and past work experience are still crucial to meeting the minimum requirements of the job, having that extra bonus of volunteer experience included on the job application will be something interesting and Iikely capture the attention of the folks in Human Resources and the hiring managers. As they prioritize and rank applicants for interviews, they will be looking at all aspects of the resume and/or application for any additional experience and items of interest. Volunteer experience can be an attractive aspect of an applicant's background that would capture the attention of the screener.

Why is volunteering important to the hiring manager?

Volunteering for a favorite cause, community function or nonprofit organization can be a rewarding experience for an individual. Having a passion to participate in a good cause and offer assistance in reaching organizational goals are admirable traits. Furthermore, these organizations exist and thrive on the efforts of volunteers who work tirelessly for something or some purpose that is near and dear to their hearts. Hiring managers respect the free time that one commits to helping others. The spirit of volunteerism is very impressive to hiring authorities who want a hardworking, dedicated individual to join their team. You can see below some aspects of volunteering that impress hiring managers that we found at assignment help online:

  • How the applicant participates in organizations that are similar or dissimilar to their professions.

  • How the applicant demonstrates commitment to an interest, such as promoting animal welfare, preserving local history, fighting poverty, etc.

  • How the applicant gives back to the community.

  • How the applicant makes the most of opportunities that are available to them.

Whatever the charity, volunteering is an act of giving to others. Employers are most interested in applicants who choose to volunteer and value it enough to include it on their resume and/or job application. In addition, many volunteer opportunities are in the very same fields of interest for which people have chosen careers. For example, people who volunteer to preserve local historical buildings by serving on an advisory board also may be employed as a planner or an architect. Listing the advisory board experience on a job application would be a positive reflection of the applicant's experience.

What information should a volunteer include on the job application?

A job seeker should always include volunteer experience on a job application and resume because this information will add to the overall description of the applicant to those reviewing applicants for a job opening. Information that applicants should include would be:

  1. Name of the organization - Much like a past employer, applicants should list the agency, organization, or cause for which the applicant volunteered. A well-known agency, for example, can be quite impressive to the person screening applicants. If the charity is not well known or has a name that might not provide a description of the work, include a sentence which describes the charity's mission.

  2. Dates of the volunteering experience - The number of years, months, etc., spent as a volunteer may apply to experience that will be figured in for applicable work experience to the new position if it is applicable. For example, if an individual volunteered as a tour guide for several years and then applied for a paid guide position at a similar type of museum, the hiring company may give consideration to this experience when calculating compensation for the new employee. In addition, time spent volunteering might explain job gaps on an application.

  3. Description of volunteering experience - It will be of interest to the screener to know the specific responsibility, task, etc., that the applicant had to perform as a volunteer. For example, if volunteering included planning large events with the public, a job applicant should include this planning and coordinating experience as it may be applicable experience for the job vacancy.

  4. Contact information of the supervisor in charge of the volunteers - Contact information for the person to whom the applicant reported to during the volunteer experience will provide a possible reference for the job.

  5. Any letters of reference from leaders of the nonprofit organization -Volunteers who spend a great deal of time volunteering and doing relevant work may choose to get a letter of reference from the leader who can speak to the specifics of the volunteer work experience.

Past volunteer experience should be treated much like past work experience on a job application. It can serve as time worked for purpose of gaining particular work experience, explanation of gaps of employment and valuable time spent serving the community and a good cause. Hiring employers will want to know of such worthwhile time spent.

A variety of opportunities present a diverse background.

There are endless opportunities in this world to volunteer for a favorite interest or passion. Since many people still find time to volunteer when holding a job or choose to volunteer in between jobs, it is important to add the volunteering experience to a resume to help build the applicant's overall background or experience. Applicants who meet the minimum qualifications of a job vacancy might just get an edge over other applicants with like experience because of volunteer experience that is applicable to the job vacancy. Volunteering is an admirable and selfless way to spend time doing something for others. Not only is such experience time well spent for the individual but such efforts touch others affected by the charity or cause.

Some closing thoughts...

Job applicants who fail to include volunteer experience on a job application and/or resume are missing out on an important opportunity to describe valuable experience to a potential employer. Hiring managers are interested in an applicant's experience which will often include time spent volunteering. Such information can often give a better overall image of an applicant's background and potential contribution to be made to a new employer.

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