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Office Comfort: How to Be Really Comfortable at Work

Office Comfort: How to Be Really Comfortable at Work

(Photo : Office Comfort: How to Be Really Comfortable at Work)

Is your biggest work challenge being as comfortable in your office as you are at home? We'll help you change that with our recommendations for office comfort.

The fact that only 7% of employees feel productive at work is unfortunate, but it's the reality of the situation for those who work in offices around the US.

Luckily, there's no need to accept these numbers without considering possibilities for change. There are measures that can be taken to increase productivity, one of the most effective being to increase your comfort while in the office.

Studies show that increasing office comfort can make a corporate worker like yourself around 3-9% more productive during each workday! Besides, being comfortable is crucial to your mental and physical well-being. Read on to learn a few ways to make your chair and desk space as comfy as can be!

Make Your Chair Comfier

You likely have no control over the office chair you use, but you do have control over the settings and accessories you use when sitting. For maximum comfort, use your chair's adjustment settings to make it high or low enough that your head is level with the screen. A bent neck is uncomfortable and can harm your spine.

You can also bring in back support devices to make your chair more supportive of your spine. Look into braces and padded foam backings. Get creative!

Maintain Good Posture

While slouching after a long day sitting is tempting, it's important to maintain good posture throughout your workday. This means sitting up straight, supporting your wrists and spine, and keeping your head level with your screen. 

If you learn more about office ergonomics, you'll have a much easier time improving the way you sit in front of your computer. Look into these ideas!

Bring Helpful Accessories

In addition to back support devices and wrist rests that improve your hand position while typing, there are other accessories that are necessary to a comfortable office life.

Blankets are essential to keep in your desk since you'll have no control over the thermostat settings and offices tend to run cold. Neck pillows can help you keep a good neck posture as the day goes by. Bringing your own water bottle eliminates the need for too many water cooler trips.

Take Frequent Breaks

While you shouldn't be wandering around aimlessly for half an hour or bringing your daily CrossFit workout into the office, taking frequent breaks is crucial to your personal and professional well-being. Anxiety, eye strain, and mental exhaustion run rampant if you don't take small breaks every so often.

Get up and take a small walk around the office for five minutes every hour to get your circulation back on track. Use the restroom whenever necessary. Bring your iPod and take a mental refresher for the duration of one of your favorite songs. Your mind and body will thank you.

Learn More About Office Comfort

While staying comfy in the office can be a challenge, it's crucial to your well-being. By making your space comfier, thinking about office ergonomics, and taking breaks appropriately, you're doing yourself a huge favor.

Now that you know the best tips for maintaining office comfort while at work, it's time to get more information on living a healthy lifestyle. Check out the 'lifestyle' tab on our home page for more tips on how to live a life that's both comfortable and productive.

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