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Track Your Child with these Apps and Devices

Track Your Child with these Apps and Devices

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In modern days, safety is of utmost priority. While it is not hard for us adults to be careful around town and take precautions, it is difficult to impose the same restrictions on minors. And some would even call it unfair - children are supposed to enjoy their day and live it to the fullest without continually worrying about wary neighbourhoods. Thanks to modern technology, keeping track of children's activities is not only possible but quite feasible as well!

Smartphones are almost in every hand nowadays. Thus, the best approach to tracking your children would be to make use of the smartphones that accompanies your kid. We list some handy and widely used apps by parents around the world.

1- mSpy

Chances are you have heard of this app the minute you started pondering about tracking your children. mSpy is undoubtedly the most popular app in this field - and for obvious reasons. With mSpy, you are not limited to just their location but can also their call logs, app usage statistics - the list goes on!

But just being feature-packed is never enough! mSpy is also surprisingly convenient for almost anyone to use and get started with. Online activities can mean anything - even illegal things, often without the child fully grasping the repercussions.

2- The Phone Sheriff

This is a different kind of app altogether. While not related to tracking, this app lets you limit the usage time. You can make sure 'You can play for an hour max' stays to precisely that - AN HOUR! The app will lock your phone after your set time limit, talk about next-level discipline!

3- The Spy Bubble

The company behind the Spy Bubble seems to be more focused on helping users catch cheating spouses rather than notorious children. But nevertheless, the app's plethora of features help achieve the goal.

The only drawback to The Spy Bubble would be that it's not free. But depending on the situation, it shall be a price worth paying!

GPS Devices

Let's say smartphones are out of the equation. Maybe your child doesn't carry one or is intelligent enough to tackle any app you install on his/her phone. In such cases, your next option is to use a separate GPS device. You may choose to hide it, or not!

1- Relay Kids Smartphone

This device does not come with any screen, therefore making it easily concealable. The smartphone comes with nifty features like GPS tracking, country-wide coverage and communication capabilities.

It also comes with amusing features like a music player and voice changer. The company does not require you to enter into long-term contracts and lets you pay for as long as you keep using the device. You can set up your customized communication channels for talking with your child.

2- Verizon GizmoWatch

From outside, the gizmo watch is like any other smartwatch, but unlike any other from the inside! Since it is a watch, your kid can wear it all the time, wherever they go. If your child goes outside your set boundaries, you get an alert immediately! Following which, you can check in on your child with a call or text.

3- Jiobit

Jiobit stands out for its minimal form factor - almost the size of a AA battery. The device lacks the two-way voice functionality, so you need to look elsewhere if that's a must-have. However, if you plan to hide the device in the child's backpack or clothes, chances are you are not looking to communicate anyway! In such cases, the small size comes even handier.

As parents, it is entirely reasonable for you to feel protective of your child. And sometimes, your child could be reluctant to cooperate and frequently check in with you. You can't really blame them; everybody likes to have privacy regardless of how small they are. But safety can never be ignored! With some handy spy apps and devices, you can keep track of all your child's activities and whereabouts.

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