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Sports You Can Do While Wearing A Menstrual Cup During Your Period

Sports You Can Do While Wearing A Menstrual Cup During Your Period

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Sports are already adjacent to succeeding with fitness goals, not only for men but for women as well.

It can help us to be physically fit, which leads to a stress-free life and a healthy body. However, there are a lot of things that hinder women from achieving this goal, and having a monthly period is one of them. Imagine the discomfort that every woman needs to go through during menstruation. There will be cramps and abdominal pain. How much more when you have to do sports?

Although it's challenging and uncomfortable, women can still immerse themselves in sports, even on red days. Still, it would be better if you can play and have fun without worrying about leakage. That of which calls for a reliable menstrual product that helps women be at their best sporty selves, even during red days. But an ordinary sanitary napkin or tampon won't cut it.

Fortunately, it's possible with the help of a menstrual cup. The practicality and easy usage of this product will allow you to get down and dirty while playing your favorite sports without worrying about leaks.


Running is a type of sport that's common among women because of its easy routine and doability. It's known benefits to the cardiovascular system made it a favorite sport among women who are always on the go but still want to be physically fit. That only means that nothing can stop a lady from achieving her goals, not even a period.

Nowadays, a lot of women want convenience, so they use menstrual cups. It is easy to use and suits perfectly to women with active lifestyles. You don't have to worry about leaks and other hassles that menstruation brings. Also, unlike other menstrual products, these cups are practical to use. They will not fall or get misplaced because they sit inside your private part.

However, it is significant that you have to choose the right size of your cup. There are a lot of different sizes available in the market, depending on how deep your cervix sits. For beginners, it is recommended to use a menstrual cup low cervix, especially for those who did not experience giving birth yet. 


Women are also into swimming because it's one effective way to lose weight and tone arms and shoulders. Swimming can be an individual or team racing game. The player must swim fast against all the competitors. It requires to use the entire body to move rapidly in the water, it can be done in the sea, but for small swimming competitions, they only do it in pools.

The same with running, whoever goes first in the finish line will be the winner. For other swimming competitions, they also look at how fast you swim to the finish line.

Menstrual cups are helpful for women swimmers, especially when you have your period on the day of the competition. Don't worry because you no longer need to worry about soaking your sanitary pad in the water. Good thing that for a menstrual cup, you only need to insert it inside your vagina, and it will stay there for up to 12 hours to collect the menstrual blood with no worries of leaks.


Yes, you read it right! Who said you could not play badminton on red days? Badminton can be played in a group with only two or four members (double category), and it can be taxing, especially for women in their periods. But you can still enjoy the week while having your menstruation, so get up and play badminton.

This type of sport demands a lot of running and eye-and-hand coordination to chase the shuttlecock and make sure that it will not fall to the ground, or else you will lose the point.

If you're an active badminton player, using a menstrual cup will be beneficial. You can play at your peak. No need to restrain your movements or limit your energy because using a menstrual cup will eradicate your worries for possible leaks.


These are only a few of the many sports you can still do even when you have your period such as baseball, women's basketball, golf, horse racing, and softball. Don't stop yourself from being physically fit even on red days. This is the best time to move your body. An exercise in the form of sports is the best way to regulate your blood, which helps to lessen cramps.

Break the habits of just sleeping on the couch, eating unhealthy food to satisfy cravings and wasting your time thinking that you can't go on with your social life because of the period. It is only up to your mind, so get up and move. Do not forget to wear your menstrual cup, your best partner in achieving your goals.

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