Sep 26, 2013 08:29 AM EDT

Survey Says Google Android Apps Is Still Better Than iOS 7

This month was the much anticipated public availability of iPhone iOS 7, which provoked the excitement of Apple fanatics. Still the fight between two of the greatest app today, the Android and iOS are so close, that it divides the consumer's opinion.

"I don't change my Android because I find it convenient and easy to use", Brenda, a Computer Science student.

According to a website, there are many reasons as to why an Android is still much better than iOS 7.

First is the option sharing, in which Android can move unlimited content by using downloaded apps with sharing ability, unlike iOS 7 app in which content can be shared to a few basic app only.

Another reason is the availability of keyboards that can be default according to the comfort of usage, which is opposite in iOS with limited keyboard options.

Customization is unlimited in Android, whereas to iOS where it was once known as "not user friendly due to the complexity of the setting and command".

It was also said that Android is more accessible when you attach it to your computer which gives you a visible file system that you can view, add and delete with. iOS on the other hand doesn't give you that option, the said website revealed.

Android also gives you an easier way to respond to notifications without downloading any apps, unlike iOS.

In iOS, you cannot automatically import images from any website or contact list, which Android can do.

You can't do a multiple account user in iPad iOS, wherein creating multiple accounts in Android is possible.

Google android provides a quick response to languages adaptation compare to iOS's Siri, since Google have more resources than Siri's Bing.

Android is not picky and particular when it comes to music downloads; compare to Apple, where most music can only be downloaded in iTunes.

The survey ended with Google play has a lot to offer than Apple store.

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