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5 Ways to Improve Your Writing: Tips for Freelance Writers

5 Ways to Improve Your Writing: Tips for Freelance Writers

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There is plenty of freelance writing jobs available on the web. Companies are looking for writers to create marketing content for their websites, informational articles, entertaining blog posts, press releases, reports, and other projects. If you are good at scientific research or creative writing, these skills can transfer you into an academic writer or storyteller. Freelance writing might be a great option for everyone, whether you want to work for a certain agency or cooperate with different customers simultaneously. The variety is wide, so you can discover endless opportunities online. If you are not sure that your current writing skills are high enough to earn money, read these tips, and learn how to boost them.

Tip #1: Be informed 

Get the right information on the topic before you start writing a text. Your customer expects that you will present well-researched and credible information, and these are the expectations you must meet. If you are writing a marketing text, make sure to get familiar with the brand, all its features, special offers, history, etc. In case you compose an informative article on the topic, do research, and make sure that you know the subject inside out. As a writer, you must deliver accurate and relevant information.  

Tip #2: Mind the format 

Pick the right form for different types of texts. Sometimes, your customers will announce the type of work they are expecting to get. However, in some cases, they will rely on your experience. Help your customers find the right format for the stories considering their needs. For example, if they ask you to write an immediate text that reveals some important news, you should follow a format of a press release. In case they are looking for a creative and unique story, you are expected to write an exclusive literary piece. It is essential to distinguish genres and formats. However, don't forget that you can mix them and use them for different purposes. For example, almost any text (or at least, a part of it) may become a blog post, Facebook entry, or a tweet.   

Tip #3: Never sound proof-less

When making a claim, always back it up with arguments. For example, if you are working on a marketing text, saying that a brand is "the best" doesn't make any sense - you need to provide facts. Think about what makes this brand great. Maybe, you should talk about the peculiarities that distinguish it from all the other companies? What about mentioning its profit, awards, or qualified people that work in the company? The same happens when you work for websites to "write my essay for me," those that provide academic texts and research. You should back your ideas up with arguments and supporting materials to make yourself sound credible. Remember that facts have meaning, and there is nothing more convincing than a piece of clear evidence. 

Tip #4: Make it short and simple

If your topic allows you to use simple language and avoid tricky constructions - do this! Don't use wordy sentences and complicated concepts unless you are 100% assured that your audience knows their meaning. If you cannot write something without using jargon words, you should limit the amount and explain them briefly in the text. Keep your paragraphs and sentences short and easy to read, especially when it comes to opinion articles, press releases, updates, blog posts, and other informational pieces. A lump of words can make your message sound unclear, and your readers won't get the point. Some clients are assured that long texts sound more convincingly, but that's not true.  

Tip #5: Think about the reader

Remember that you are writing for a particular audience, so it is important to follow the "dialogue" format. Include yourself as a speaker in the text, and don't forget about the reader as well. To find the right tone and style, imagine that you are talking to someone in front of you. The conversational writing style will help you deliver a clear and well-structured message to the readers. 


No matter what niche you have chosen, it is important to follow some basics to improve your freelance writing skills. Know the topic you are going to talk about and do prior research before you start writing the text. In the process of revealing your ideas and thoughts, don't forget to include facts when you make a claim. No matter if you are writing a marketing pitch or a scientific article, strong bonds with relevant data and evidence is crucial. Be sure to make your texts easy to read - avoid complicated words and long paragraphs if you can. Improve your skills following the tips above and become a better freelance writer! 

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