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Aspect Software & Intradiem Team Up for Call Center Innovation

Aspect Software & Intradiem Team Up for Call Center Innovation

(Photo : Aspect Software & Intradiem Team Up for Call Center Innovation)

Aspect Software and Intradiem join forces to enhance call contact center operations as a whole. Aspect Software and Intradiem have long been respected names in the call center software industry, but by combining Aspect workforce management (WFM) platform with Intradiem functions, workforce capabilities receive unique optimization.

The partnership between Aspect Software and Intradiem will enhance every contact center with relevant add-ons to better assist - and better retain - their customers.

Intradiem Add-Ons

What are these new Intradiem add-ons? The new Intradiem enhancements assist companies with invaluable features including training content during idle periods. A busy call center has no time to waste. This targeted, real-time approach strengthens the important skills of call center employees during inactive moments.

This call center software addition to the powerful lineup of improvements increases customer service over time. Employees won't have to go through training sessions during periods better spent assisting customers.

A well-trained employee saves money and keeps customers happy. And having the right training in place can help guide a call center employee to cross-sale success. In fact, SQM Group reports that the cross-sale acceptance rate increases by 20 percent when a customer's issue is resolved.

Real-Time Improvements

The partnership also presents a better approach to employee scheduling. Rather than random lunch and break schedules that don't always align to the reality of call center traffic, the new Intradiem solution offers automatic tweaks. This software addition can better reflect current call loads and down time to keep customers from needless waiting and ensuring a faster point-to-point contact.

It's no secret that a first-call resolution uptick affects a company's bottom line. Keeping repeat customers begins with less waiting.

Finally, per the terms of the agreement, expect schedule exception writebacks to Aspect Workforce Management for truly flexible call center software.

Enterprise-Level Enhancements

"We are delighted to be partnering with Intradiem to provide enhanced automation to our customer base, centered around training, coaching and other real-time processes," says Michael Harris, Aspect CMO.

Aspect's enterprise customers, with contact centers with tens of thousands of live agents, will benefit from Intradiem's software solution addition. The new partnership reveals upgrades to better train and coach employees in addition to as it happens procedures.

"We're proud to have been selected by Aspect to provide its customers with contact center automation technology that complements their workforce optimization solutions. Intradiem's solution is used by many Aspect customers today to deliver significant cost savings and we're excited about expanding the relationship to create more value for Aspect's customers," says Matt McConnell, Intradiem CEO.

"No other competitive WFM solution offers the breadth of automation as the combination of our two software technologies," McConnell adds.

Call Center Software Partnering

It's a well-made match and a boon to any enterprise level business in need of a smarter solution. Customer service reps will have a better way to receive important on the job training without interfering with daily responsibilities.

With Aspect software already used by millions of contact agents each year, and supporting billions of customer interactions worldwide, enterprise-level businesses will quickly find value in this new partnership. These add-ons provide large companies with enhanced contact center performance for exciting optimized performance.

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