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Top 5 Apps to Spy on Someone’s Phone without Having It

Top 5 Apps to Spy on Someone’s Phone without Having It

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Do you want to spy on someone's phone? Then you need to do it in a way that you don't need the phone but still get the results.  There are applications designed to do so by revealing the target's details without their knowledge.

Here, we will look at the top 5 apps that have been around for some time. Parents and employers have used it for spying purposes and the results have been incredible. Let's see how they work and how they can be useful in your course.

Part 1: Spy on Phone without It with Spyier Solution

You want to be discreet in your spying and also get the results away from the phone. Spyier can help you with that. It's a spying application that has already helped millions of users in more than 190 countries.


One of the success points is attributed to the ability to deliver the spied data away from the targeted phone. Spyier also goes ahead to use the stealth mode feature which allows it to hide its icon.

Therefore, it's an app that can deliver more than 30 data packages through its features without notifying the user. You can use it to spy on both Android and iOS targets without rooting or jailbreaking them.

In Android, Spyier needs you to install it once on the targeted phone. Later you can get the spying results from Spyier account, which contains the web-based dashboard. It is fully compatible with all browsers. That means you can view the results using any device.

In iOS, Spyier does not need any download or installation. It uses the iCloud ID of the culprit's phone to spy on it. Once you feed the credentials on the Spyier website after registration, that's it.

You will see the results after a few minutes of synchronization. Acquiring Spyier means uncovering almost all the data from the target's phone. You get all the calls, SMS, contacts, location, social media activities, and more.

If you want to know more about the spying features, visit the main website and the demo page too. Now, as you spy, you may be wondering about the security of the data in your account. Spyier handles that by storing nothing in its cloud.

All it does is sync it when you access your account online. So, even the hackers will find nothing if they manage to penetrate. Below are the steps you need to spy on mobile phone online using Spyier application.

How to Spy on Someone's Phone Using Spyier

Step 1: If your target has an Android, get it to install Spyier once. The phone should have OS version 4.0 and above. For iOS, get the iCloud credentials. Make sure the iPhone has iOS version 7.0 or later.

Step 2: Register an account with Spyier on the main website. Choose the targeted phone's OS platform to continue.

Step 3: You will see all the available plans. Choose the most suitable one and make the purchase. Later, you'll get a confirmation email with the login details, receipt, and set instructions. In Android, you will also receive a download link.

Step 4: Use the sent link to install Spyier on the targeted Android phone. Ensure you activate the stealth mode. After that, finish the installation and login to your account remotely.

Step 5: For iOS, after the email, login to your account and verify the iCloud details. Next, select the device you want to spy and wait for the syncing.

Step 6: Once you re-access your account, you will see the dashboard. It will have the phone's summary and features on the left menu.

Step 7: To see what Spyier has captured, click on each of the options on the menu.

Part 2: Spy on Someone's Phone without It with Minspy

You can also use the Minspy application to spy on a phone without having it. This is another monitoring package that has a plethora of tools worth checking out. Minspy works on all Android and iOS devices without any rooting or jailbreaking.

For Android, you need to install it once before you can spy on the phone while away. Once installed, it hides from the targeted user using the stealth mode feature. Later, you can log in to your Minspy account to check the results.

You can access it anywhere since the control panel works with all browsers. The same access story applies to iOS targets but with a different approach. If your target has an iPhone, then you need their iCloud credentials only for Minspy to work.

Some of the things Minspy can spy on include contacts, messages, calls, location, and browsing history. Check out the main website if to see the full features list.

Part 3: Spy on Someone's Phone with Spyic

More of being discreet in spying and getting the results remotely is also reflected in Spyic application. This is a software that has also helped millions of people across the globe. With Spyic, you can spy on almost everything the target does on their phone.

Apart from the usual calls and social media apps, Spyic has the keylogger feature. You can use it to record keyboard strokes, and that includes usernames and passwords. For more of these features, you need to visit the main website.

Spyic can be used to spy on both Android and iOS targets without rooting or jailbreaking. The prior needs a one-time installation while the latter required the iCloud ID only.

Part 4: Spy on Someone's Phone without It with Cocospy

Cocospy monitoring solution has been around for some time. It has also won global recognition, not to mention featuring in various news outlets. Forbes and CNET are some of them.

Cocospy works on both Android and iOS devices. It does not require any rooting or jailbreaking whatsoever. In Android, you need Cocospy installation which happens only once.

In iOS, Cocospy will use the Apple ID to spy on the phone. After acquiring it, Cocospy shows you all the results via a remote dashboard in your online account. You can access it anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

Cocospy can reveal the calls, browsing history, contacts, location, messages, and even keylogger reports. The main website has more information about all the features you can get here.

Part 5: Spy on Phone with Onespy

The last item on the list goes to all those wanting to spy on Android phones. Onespy can spy on all phones with up to OS version 9.0.

It requires you to install it once before you can get the results in your online account. Some of the adorable features include live call recording, listening to surroundings, blocking calls and apps, and monitoring online activity.


You can spy on someone's phone without it if you have the right application for the job. That is why we have apps like Spyier, which we tested before availing them to our dear readers.

Once you acquire it, or the others, the results are shown to you online via your established account. Since they are also designed to hide, you will not worry about being known as you spy.

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