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Six Innovative Ways to Improve the Recruitment Process and Attract Real Talent

In order to build the foundations of a successful business, you must first understand what it is that sets the biggest and most profitable enterprises apart. This is not something that's easily explained, but one factor most well-known brands have in common is that they prioritize their people.

It's not only that they pay them well and go out of their way to retain them, but that they select only those individuals who they know will be an asset to their company both in the short and the long term.

This is a lesson even the most minor SME should aim to replicate, and we have six clever tips to help you do that.

Adopt a mobile-first recruitment strategy

Six Innovative Ways to Improve the Recruitment Process and Attract Real Talent
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According to strategic consultancy firm Kelton, the percentage of active candidates who use their phones to begin a job search stands at a whopping 86 percent. As a result, industry experts believe that mobile-first strategies represent the future of recruiting, which means it's important to ensure your website and any other platforms you use for hiring are smartphone compatible. In addition to encouraging a higher volume of candidates, research suggests that strong mobile functionality also helps attract applications from a more diverse talent pool, which means this could be a great way to stimulate inclusive hiring practices and make sure you're attracting the very best person for the job.

Invest in artificial intelligence

According to the statistics, 76 percent of recruiters believe AI is also likely to have a significant impact moving forward, as reported by Harver. That's because artificial intelligence can take care of certain repetitive, high-volume tasks in order to streamline the recruitment process and automate parts of it, while also ensuring your practices are more effective with regards to finding the right sort of candidate. Recruitment tools by Lusha are a good example of this, allowing users to create targeted lists on LinkedIn and automatically gain access to up-to-date contact information about potential candidates.

Make the interview process interactive

If you're looking for a good way to sort the wheat from the chaff, it can be handy to implement an interactive interview process too. By making this task-based, you achieve two important ends. Firstly, you ensure that only those who are serious about the role apply, as candidates have to commit significant time and effort to completing the set piece of work if they wish to be considered. Secondly, you gain a more focused insight into their talents and abilities, as opposed to simply learning whether or not they interview well.

Create an employee referral program

Six Innovative Ways to Improve the Recruitment Process and Attract Real Talent
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Another clever idea for attracting the top talent is to create an employee referral program. This encourages not only your HR team but your wider pool of workers to keep an eye out for any potential rising stars who might prove an asset to your company, as you're giving them a solid financial incentive to contribute toward your future success - and a chance to be more involved in decision making. This means, for example, that they might mention your enterprise to those they've previously worked with and who they know are good at their job, when they may not otherwise think to do so.

Invest in an applicant tracking system

If you're willing to invest funds into building a strong and successful team of workers to take your business forward into the future, we'd also suggest looking into a specialist applicant tracking system. These software applications are designed to electronically manage your recruitment and hiring needs, in order to automate this process and free up your time. However, do be aware that not all are created equal, so it's worth doing your research and reading plenty of reviews before you shell out.

Attend/host networking events

Last but not least, don't fall into the trap of forgetting how important networking events can be. While these are often overlooked in favor of more up-to-date technology, they can be invaluable in introducing you to potential talent and have the added advantage of letting you see how you gel with people in person, as opposed to within the rather stilted confines of an interview room.

When it comes to attracting the top talent to your business, there is plenty you can do, and these six tips are a terrific place to start. Why not think about giving them a go today?

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