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5 Top Benefits for Hiring People With Disabilities

5 Top Benefits for Hiring People With Disabilities

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In the United States, about 48.9 million people have a disability. Although individuals with disabilities are unrepresented, they're competent workers.

If you thought about hiring or increasing the number of employees with a disability for your business, you came to the right place. 

Keep reading to learn about the benefits of hiring disabled workers for your business. 

1. Lower Risk for Work-Related Accidents

When it comes to work-safety, employees with disabilities are better about following policies than those workers without disabilities. 

The bottom line is employees with disabilities are more aware of their safety in the workplace. 

2. Higher Retention Rate

Another reason why you should hire employees with disabilities for your business is the higher retention rate. Terminating an employee with a disability doesn't happen that often because they're more stable employees.

For example, 85% of companies reported employees with disabilities to have a higher retention rate than other employees. Also, employees with disabilities take less absent days, which makes them more reliable employees. 

Employees with disabilities, vision loss, and Veterans have a retention rate of 1.7 years. On the other hand, employees without had a retention rate of 0.9 years. 

3. Increase Diversity in the Workplace

Let's face it; everyone in the workplace benefits from a little diversity. By hiring employees with disabilities and their counterparts without disabilities, you will increase diversity in the workplace. 

Individuals without disabilities tend to become more aware of the needs of employees with disabilities. Both parties also learn how to be more inclusive in the workplace. 

Inclusion also teaches employees without disabilities to see the world in a different way. All employees learn to be more creative and collaborate to accomplish work projects. 

4. Eligible for Tax Credits

Many businesses that accommodate and hire employees with disabilities are eligible for tax credits. 

Businesses can claim these tax credits on expenses such as adaptive equipment and modifications made for employees with disabilities. Those interested in learning more about tax credits can do so by going on the IRS site

5. Employees with Disabilities are Capable 

Aside from the other reasons, businesses should hire people with disabilities simply because they're as capable as anyone. 

It's a misconception that employees with disabilities are not qualified for the job. This is one of the main reasons why almost 70 percent of the population living with a disability is unemployed. 

Employers need to do their research to learn about the devices and adaptive techniques available so individuals with disabilities can do their jobs. Also, employers need to remember people apply for jobs they believe they're qualified for. 

By taking the time to learn and work with them, employers can help employees with disabilities overcome small obstacles. 

Hiring Disabled Workers Is Great for Your Business

Now that you have all the facts about hiring disabled workers, you're ready to increase the talent of your business.

Remember, disabled workers have a higher retention rate, they're just as capable, and they increase diversity in the workplace. 

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