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Job Interview Tips: What Can Help College Students

Many students look for a part-time job to pay off their loans at least a bit and have some pocket money. How easy is it to get a job and what should you do in your first interview?

(Photo : pixabay)
Many students look for a part-time job to pay off their loans at least a bit and have some pocket money. How easy is it to get a job and what should you do in your first interview?
(Photo : pixabay)

Finding a job in college can be challenging because not every employer will be fine with your schedule that includes classes, homework, extra activities, and other stuff. In all this routine it may be even tricky to find time for some interviews and once you have one scheduled, you should not miss this chance. If you don't have much experience with interviewing, being prepared ahead is the best strategy as it will make you less stressful and bring you more confidence. In this article, we will reveal the basics of job interviews and give some good advice on how college students can get ready for this meeting.

Getting ready for the interview

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Besides such obvious facts as arriving on time, good looking and being confident, there are 4 key things you should do to prepare for your first job interview with a happy end:

1.   Do some research. This is a simple tip but surprisingly, many students miss this step. If you are applying to the company and you are really interested to get a job here, you should know everything about it (at least, everything available on the web), about the position you aim for and about the person who you have a meeting with. Start with the website and social networks, then move to websites with company reviews and forums. Check LinkedIn to find the person interviewing you and other employees (your potential colleagues). If you mention some of the things you learned about the company, it will make a good impression and help you make a connection;

2.       Be transparent. Show your enthusiasm about the role and thank for the opportunity to meet. Don't forget to smile, be straight to the point (as people usually have pretty tight schedules) and demonstrate your desire to get this job;

3.       Ask questions. When the interview is over, the recruiter will typically ask you whether you have any questions and this is the chance you should use. By asking questions about the company, work conditions and other things you will demonstrate your interest and it will give you an advantage over other candidates;

4.   Follow up. The interviewer should let you know when you can expect their feedback, but it will never hurt to follow up. Don't be annoying, just drop an email or a few lines in LinkedIn within a day or two if you haven't received any notice.

To remind you about the main rules of the business etiquette, we narrowed them down to this list:

-          Never be late or send a notice in advance;

-          Don't use slang or poor language;

-          Be polite to everyone you meet;

-          Bring extra resumes;

-          Don't discuss personal problems;

-          Don't tell jokes;

-          Ask relevant and insightful questions;

-          Try to avoid answering unexpected questions with a long pause or a stupid phrase.

Following this simple advice, you will increase your chances of getting the desired job.

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