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Understanding the Testing Process to Obtain Harley-Davidson Jobs

Understanding the Testing Process to Obtain Harley-Davidson Jobs

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If you plan on landing a Harley job, it's important to note that you'll be put to the test. It's not uncommon for employers to add a series of screenings and tests to their onboarding process as it helps them to select the best candidates for the job. To be among the chosen few, you have to be able to set yourself apart from the rest and, of course, pass the test. Having a better understanding of what's required and what to expect will help you better prepare to set yourself apart from the countless applicants vying for popular Harley-Davidson jobs like these.

Prior Training and Education Can Prove Beneficial

Though not always a requirement, if you'd like to increase your chances and beat out the competition, there are plenty of vocational schools and community colleges that offer training and educational courses to obtain the necessary certification. If your application makes the cut, a representative will reach out to you for a phone interview. Be prepared to answer questions pertaining to your educational background and work history. At the conclusion of the interview, if successful, you'll receive a link to a series of tests you'll need to take in order to obtain any Harley jobs. 

Harley-Davidson Job Testing

Now comes the testing phase of the process to obtain any Harley-Davidson jobs. In order to advance to an in-person interview, you'll need to pass a series of tests to assess many areas such as your mechanical and mathematical knowledge, verbal reasoning, situational judgment and personality. 

Personality Test

The personality test is designed to give hiring managers a bit more insight into who a candidate is as a person and employee. There aren't any right or wrong answers for this test, it is simply a series of questions to get to know you personally and how this would tie into the Harley jobs that you're applying for. 

Verbal Reasoning Test

A verbal reasoning test is required to assess your ability to read and interpret passages. You will be provided a short story, essay or passage to read and then be given a series of follow-up questions to answer.

Situational Judgment Test

Employers need to know that they're hiring employees who they can trust to make effective decisions under pressure (that align with company policies and values). Therefore, applicants must take a situational judgment test. If you're a tech, this test involves various hypothetical scenarios you could encounter during your time in the Harley-Davidson technician job. If you're in customer service, the judgement test may involve common customer complaints. It will assess your ability to handle situations ranging from customer service to in-house relations (co-workers, managers, etc.). 

Mechanical Reasoning Test

You'll need to have some knowledge of the mechanical workings of a motorcycle, even if you're not applying for a Harley-Davidson technician job. The test will touch on topics including currents, voltages, circuits, energy and forces of motion. The main objective of the mechanical reasoning test is to assess your basic understanding of key concepts as they relate to small engine maintenance and repairs, not to assess your educational comprehension of these topics.

Mathematical Reasoning Test

Depending on the type of Harley-Davidson jobs you've applied for, you may also be required to take a mathematical reasoning test. These tests range in difficulty and are designed to assess your ability to complete basic mathematical problems. 

In-Person Interview

Once you've completed and submitted your tests for review the next step is to wait for a call for an in-person interview. As with any job interview, you want to be prepared. Be sure to dress appropriately (business or business casual), show up on time, bring copies of your resume, do some detailed research on the Harley-Davidson brand and the Harley job you've applied for, and write down any questions you may have for the interviewers. If all goes well, you'll receive an appointment letter welcoming you to the Harley-Davidson team. 

Top companies like Harley-Davidson go to great lengths to ensure they have the right team of individuals to further enhance their brand. If you can ace the tests, the final step is putting your best foot forward to grab the attention of hiring managers in person. Soon you'll be on your way to a fulfilling career with one of the leading motorcycle brands. 

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