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How to Hire a Dedicated Team of Industrial Engineers for your Business

In this article, you will discover how to find and hire a dedicated team of industrial engineers for your business. This article also provides with such useful info like:

  • the importance of hiring the whole dedicated engineering team;
  • what businesses prefer this model;
  • where to find a dedicated engineering team.

So, in case you want to learn all the peculiarities of this tendency in IT recruitment, you will for sure enjoy the info. Start reading right now!

A great variety of well-known businesses have already succeeded by collaborating with dedicated teams of industrial engineers in the countries from Eastern Europe. Ukraine takes a significant place there because it has already established the reputation of key IT destinations regarding the delivery of dedicated development teams. Its fast-growing IT market and excellent business environment attract a number of enterprises searching for dedicated teams of engineers.

For instance, Lebara which is a leading telecom provider has placed its development center in Ukraine in the partnership with N-iX. Moreover, Lebara created a dedicated team of engineers for OpenText. The last is considered the greatest ERP company that produces software.

Nowadays, the dedicated team of industrial engineers is universally being acknowledged as the most popular approach for long-lasting business partnerships. Before we start discussing the reasons for such popularity and how to hire the whole team, let's clarify the notion of a dedicated team of engineers.

About Dedicated Development Teams

In the IT industry, a dedicated team of engineers is defined as an engagement model when a vendor delivers a complete team of developers to their customers. As a rule, it is performed on a long-term basis. Such a team designs a certain solution exclusively for that customer.

A dedicated development team works tightly with on-site engineers and other remote staff. Thus, dedicated engineers get an integral part of the customer's business.

According to digital economics, around thirty-nine percent of businesses are going to invest more in dedicated development teams to design their services. This approach is growing year by year and concerns almost all the industries.

Business Types Suitable for Dedicated Engineering Teams

The above-mentioned approach for hiring teams is widely implemented in various industries starting from manufacturing enterprises to top IT companies and startups.

Such reputable businesses as Google report that they usually hire such teams because it is the most effective way to design an excellent product. It is a dedicated team of engineers who created and introduced to the world such breathtaking solutions as SeatGeek and WhatsApp!

Such a cooperation model is also used by numerous eCommerce enterprises like Alibaba. The last is considered the largest company to possess its software outsourced.

It is extremely widespread that small and medium companies implement dedicated teams of industrial engineers. That is a great way out as such enterprises usually lack their funds to have their engineering teams. Additionally, startups often cooperate with dedicated teams to start up the product.

A lot of enterprises just can't afford to employ a full team of highly professional developers. Well, even if they could hire them, they would face the challenge as of finding the engineers with a set of skills they require specifically for the dedicated enterprise team. To prove a point, in accordance with Cyber Security Online, approximately fifty-four percent of businesses fail to find a specialist with the relevant skills in a certain industry they demand. That is the key reason why such businesses prefer hiring the whole pack of engineers for their product needs.

How to Hire a Dedicated Development Team

Before discussing how to hire the whole dedicated engineering team, you should pay attention to the following moments to understand how the scheme truly works.

So, when a business makes a decision to hire a dedicated team of industrial engineers, it means they employ a remote team to deliver development services they can't organize in-house (due to financial reasons).

When it comes to signing up an agreement with the engineering team, you should fix all the requirements regarding the future project, its budget, roadmap, deadlines, etc. Then, a dedicated development team becomes a fully-fledged part of the team assigned to the project. Finally, as far as they finish the project, the dedicated team of engineers isn't a part of your team anymore.

In case you need a dedicated team of industrial engineers for your startup, check Engre. This is a platform that allows hiring an engineering team for any project type of all the complexity levels! Other places where to find a dedicated team of developers are brightly depicted in the article called 10 best sites to find remote developers.

Now, it's time to come back to the hiring procedure.

The procedure of hiring a dedicated development team begins with clarifying project targets/goals. The company specifies the budget and starts researching the whole team according to the following steps:

  • Identify product development objectives. Why do you need that? Such a thing helps to realize the targets for the team and the skills/experience it should demonstrate;
  • Distribute the budget. You should exactly know how much money you can afford to spend on the team (the number of engineers and the location where to find them should be clarified accordingly);
  • Establish the skills of the team you require. You should make up a list of must-have qualifications of every engineer of the team;
  • Ask for the capabilities of your future team. It would be perfect when the customer is aware of the capabilities of every dedicated engineer. It is a good idea to ask them to represent portfolios with successful projects they held earlier;
  • Check feedback from previous customers. You should surf for reviews/commentary from previous clients who cooperated with the team you desire to hire. This will allow receiving a point of view regarding engineers' strong and weak sides;
  • Conduct the interview. You should have as much detailed interview as possible with applicants via virtual meetings, Google Hangouts, Skype as well as in the office (in case engineers can come);
  • Finally, it is time to choose the dedicated engineering team that ideally fits to all the technologies and requirements of your future project.

Benefits when Hiring the whole Dedicated Engineering Team

Employing the whole team of engineers at once gives the following benefits to clients:

  • A key advantage to hire the team is that you save your money. Hiring locally means taking into account local market salary dynamics (which is often high). This is the problem of high-cost locations such as Western Europe. However, if you look for dedicated engineers from such countries as Ukraine, you will save the budget! This never means the service delivered is worse. They simply are able to operate at a lower cost. The additional benefit consists in less expense for fixing bugs and other corrective actions;
  • Working with the whole team of dedicated developers will save you time. This is possible due to the tight development and design procedure they may gain in case of the team functions as the unit. Such engineers are aware of each other's strong/weak points. Most probably, they have also completed projects successfully altogether earlier. So, such a team already has a kind of a system to get the work processes performed in the shortest time period. Even if trouble happens, the team's experience of working side by side makes the project get back on track.

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