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Be More Motivated For Work With These Top Tips

Be More Motivated For Work With These Top Tips

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No matter how much you love your job, sometimes the thought of going into work doesn't fill you with joy. Perhaps the weather is miserable or you're feeling tired or under the weather. 

Sometimes, we all need a little more motivation at work. You want to be the best employee as possible and show your boss that you mean business. So, how can you be more motivated for work? 

Walk to work

When we drive to work every day, we get stuck in a boring routine. You leave the house feeling lethargic and get there on autopilot. Sitting in traffic jams in the morning can suck out any motivation you may have woken up with, and accidents and injuries are more likely in rush hour traffic - click the link for more information on the kind of payout you could be looking at from pain and suffering following a car accident if this applies to you. 

So, if you can, why not walk to work? You'll get a boost of energy and start the day right. If it's too far, consider getting public transport and walking some of the way. 

Weekly goals

When motivation is lacking, you might need to set some weekly goals. What do you want to get out of this week? Are there any tasks you'd like to complete? Think about how you can end the week feeling positive and productive. This will mean that you feel cheery and energetic for the next working week, instead of worrying about all the tasks you still haven't finished. 

Take a course

If you're lacking in motivation, you might need to consider the root of the issue. Are you enjoying your work, or is it just a means to an end? If work has become a little dull and repetitive, consider some ways to make your day more interesting. Taking a course will get your brain ticking and develop some skills. You'll add another notch to your belt and might find a new passion. Doing the bare minimum can make anyone lack motivation, so find new ways to push yourself and look forward to your day.  


One of the great things about working is that you get to meet lots of interesting people. But, if you've been in the same office for a long time, you might find that you're surrounded by the same people every day - or you're not meeting the right people. If your colleagues are feeling the same as you, you might be having a negative impact on each other. Networking events are great because they create positive working relationships. You meet people who can push you and open some doors. So, find some networking events in your area and start spending time with people who motivate you. 

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