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Benefits You May Offer Employees

Benefits You May Offer Employees

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When looking for suitable candidates for a job role, you may wonder how to get yourself ahead of any competitors, so that the right candidate chooses you. While a fair salary is always a good starting point, employee benefits can also sway the decision made by the individual. 

For some potential employees, these benefits can be a deal-breaker and will be part of the candidate's job search specification. You can include benefits packages in your job description and contract. These may be fulfilled by yourself, or outsourced and maintained by a PEO to save you time. Wondering 'what are PEO companies?' - click the link for more info. 

Health Insurance Benefits

Benefits such as inclusive family health insurance can be vital for some employees who, otherwise, may seek work elsewhere due to the security that comes with knowing they and their family are covered. 

Considering the cost of medical treatment in the US, this health insurance is definitely something that would help your employee. You don't need to pay the whole cost. You could opt to pay part alongside your employee. This would be something that would need to be agreed and put into your workplace policies to avoid any bias or unfair treatment. 

For other countries where there is public healthcare, private health insurance can still be valuable, particularly for those who do not wish to deal with waiting lists or other blockades that may otherwise be in their way. 

Dental Benefits

Dental costs are another big factor among employees, particularly those on low or irregular salaries. The prices of dental treatment may vary by practice or state, and more affluent areas may see the highest cost. 

By offering a part or full dental benefit, you would be making your company look extremely attractive to prospective candidates. With so much choice available on the job market, people are now looking at which companies will support them as people, as opposed to simply a paycheck at the end of the week or month. 

Gym Membership

Due to the amount of convenience and fast food available today, as well as the general public's love of snacks and sugary-filled substances, a gym membership could also be a good employee benefit to offer. 

Whether you have an onsite gym, or an affiliation with a local club, this is definitely a feasible option to give to your employees. Externally, this can give you a lot of positive response. Offering employee local gym memberships show that you care not only about the physical health and wellbeing of your employees but potentially also that you are invested in the success of other local businesses too. This can possibly be great for PR. 

Looking after your employees and offering them benefits can boost employee morale and help reduce turnover. This way, you can keep employees who genuinely enjoy their job, promoting a happier and more dedicated workforce. 

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