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IT Recruitment in Poland. How to Draw Programmers' Attention

IT recruitment in Poland. How to draw programmers’ attention

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European Commission estimates that the labor shortage within the ICT sector in Poland accounts for 50,000. And within the whole EU, this gap is as broad as a few hundred thousand IT professionals. No wonder competition over programmers is very tight, in almost every market. And companies who need them do their best to keep them. But to make it happen, HR specialists have to attract them first. How to draw programmers' attention, the right way?

Let's have a look at some of the job offers developers see in various sources. These are, for example, hiring agencies' websites, general recruitment portals, employers' "career" sections, and specialist IT platforms. And more and more professionals limit their searches to well-established employment-oriented social services, such as LinkedIn. But modern IT recruitment is certainly not limited to such standardized actions as publishing job ads. Some recruiters also tempt passive candidates, taking more resourceful steps. This may be a part of the Executive/Direct Search when specialized headhunters convince valuable employees to change their positions. Even though they have great jobs already. To do so, first, recruiters need to use their extensive contact network, enlarged and enhanced for years. As well as profound knowledge of various industries. They must also know precisely what actions are effective in taking over IT professionals, even those with unique skills. And this is exactly what Sowelo's experts are masters of.

IT recruitment: money, money, money

In many cases, what draws the attention of people reading IT job ads, is the information on remuneration offered. It may sound weird but in Poland, it's not common to reveal the salary when posting a job offer. This policy of hiding has many disadvantages but there are some signs that it's giving way to bigger openness. At least we may think so looking at many IT job ads, disclosing the amounts. 

One of the reasons is probably the fact that these offers are very attractive in terms of financial conditions. For senior positions, they climb to as much as 26,000-28,000 PLN + VAT within a B2B contract. These are the cases of Java Developer in Warsaw or Technical Solution Architect in Wroclaw positions, available in 2020. But jobs with earnings of about 20,000 PLN a month are available for various IT positions. Even with a lower level of expertise or skills required. Some of them include Test Automation Developer, Test Automation Engineer, Cloud DevOps Engineer, and Lead Frontend Developer. PHP Technical Lead, Mobile Developer, IT Administrator, Android Engineer, Atlassian Administrator System, Senior Network Architect, Fullstack Developer are others.

Within IT recruitment, issuers of job offers often give candidates the freedom to choose the form of cooperation. In the B2B, contract, the amount the employee receives is usually significantly higher than within the employment contract. All this is clearly stated within the ad. Sometimes, the amount is placed next to the job title, and visible right away, in the search results. This way, the probability an IT specialist will click on the offer to find out more is higher. And what do we see within the body of the job ad? How do recruiters tempt IT candidates apart from money?

IT recruitment: benefits beyond salary

Emphasizing remuneration is a good idea since money is the most important factor for the majority of tech workers. A study by Hired showed that for as much as 53% of them, salary comes first. Only about half of that percentage (26%) said that "benefits beyond salary" are crucial. In between these two factors, there were the "company culture" (42%), and the "opportunity to learn new skills" (39%).

For many, the proper company culture simply means being open. For example, the freedom to chose working hours, remote or on-site work, and work-life balance, in general. No dress-code, comfort modern office with playroom, gym, shower, canteen, free snacks, bike parking, and even massages also matter. On the other hand, IT people are eager to broaden their skills, take part in in-house, and external training. And the possibility to learn new programming languages may tip the scales. IT people also appreciate good-quality equipment, and the ability to choose working tools on their own. 

More company-wise, flat structure and small teams are attractive, as is taking part in interesting, innovative projects, preferably international. The feeling of doing something meaningful, and knowing the direction the company is heading to may also be important. As well as the belief that being a part of this team, we are truly changing the world. For example, when we're working on applications that will enhance the lives of millions. 

Some companies even offer the ability to develop employees' ideas within 10 or more percent of working time! That truly matters as it reflects the employer's interest in the candidates' needs, important for many of them. And many IT people want to express their creativity to feel emotional fulfillment and be able to fully engage.

IT recruitment: going places

Knowing what is truly important for IT workers gives recruiters the competitive advantage they cannot miss. This is the case of Sowelo consultants, aware of global IT trends, and able to adapt to them. Also within the various recruitment materials they prepare. This IT recruitment company creates eye-catching and very effective job advertisements and compelling videos. They may be placed in many services, e.g. on social media and recruitment platforms. 

This may be a part of the Sowelo's extensive Recruitment Process Outsourcing package based on cooperation with world-class recruiters. Choosing this exquisite offer, clients may also take advantage of 20-40% savings and reducing recruitment time to 3 weeks! Even though its experts plan the recruitment process from scratch, starting with crafting candidates' competency profiles.

But Sowelo's clients may also use the IT recruitment materials to promote their brands within professional Employer Branding activities. They aim to show the client's organization as one it's worth joining and be a part of. Stressing the brand's outstanding points is crucial and we'd better communicate it at the early stages of IT careers.

Some IT companies look for their new employees at technical universities or colleges, offering students internships or full-time employment. This way, they "reserve" the talents to hit the job market with them. Another way is organizing internal courses for people who want to start within the industry but need training first. 

Hackathons and other competitions, hack days, fairs, conferences, and workshops are other methods to attract ambitious IT people. But also to mingle and establish new contacts. And Sowelo company's consultants who work on their positions for years, have huge IT employees databases. Thanks to that, they can find the right person even for the niche job opening lightning fast.

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