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Personal Qualities for a Career in Law

Personal Qualities for a Career in Law

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If you are considering a career in law after you finish your education, or perhaps a change to your current role, you may have already looked at the qualifications needed for each aspect of law. There are so many different roles you could choose, and these can suit both school leavers as well as those with advanced degrees. You may not have considered qualities outside of this. 

For example, you may need to have strong computing skills to be able to document all aspects of your work, or that of your colleagues. While a good, strong work ethic is important, it is also vital to note here that you should take regular breaks to avoid any posture or repetitive strain injuries associated with your specific role. Wherever you work, it's vital that you are in an environment that won't do you any harm. If you feel this has affected you in the past, then you may want to have a call with a Staten Island PI lawyer - click the link for more info.

If a member of the public goes to a law firm, they most likely will want to speak to a real person who will listen and empathize with their problems. Just because there may be educational prerequisites, that doesn't mean the law industry solely wants top degrees and exam results. You will also need to have some personal qualities to become successful in your field. 


Having a decent level of empathy will help you go further in the field of law. While you cannot be taken in by each story, or work for free, showing a level of interest and understanding in what your client is saying will help you build a better working relationship quicker than if you were to remain cold. You may also end up with more work as people like to feel like they matter, and could end up choosing you over someone who seems more detached. 

Communication Skills

Whether you are liaising with a client, discussing the case with a colleague, or presenting to a court, success in the law career requires a high level of communication skills. You need to be able to record and relay things accurately, as well as to be able to understand what your client is asking of you and be able to report that to whoever is deciding the outcome. Any changes that need to be made, such as breaching confidentiality due to safety concerns, will also need to be communicated properly to avoid misunderstanding and potentially any recourse on your end. 

Recording Skills

You will need to be able to accurately record information, and store it properly. This means you need to have a firm grasp on how your company stores information, as well as the legalities around confidentiality and safeguarding. You will also need to ensure any evidence or other information for cases are correct and only contain relevant pieces of information. 

Becoming a lawyer is the dream for many people. Ensuring that you have the educational achievements is not enough to gain that job. You can also undertake courses and training to improve the aforementioned skills needed to be successful in your chosen career. By working on your personal qualities too, you will be making yourself a more attractive candidate to both potential employers and future clients, giving you a cutting edge above your peers. 

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