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How to Be Safe when Riding a Motorcycle

How to Be Safe when Riding a Motorcycle

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The experience of riding a motorcycle is unparalleled. Driving a car is great, but on a motorcycle, you really begin to feel one with the road and the proximity to the world around you increases the feeling of freedom and adventure. Unfortunately, the openness of a motorcycle makes you more vulnerable to injury when you're in an accident. Staying safe on the road as a motorcyclist does not mean compromising on thrill and excitement - it just makes for a better, safer experience for you and your passengers. Here are a few ways to keep yourself safe while enjoying the open road.

Wear Protective Gear

The absolute most important safety tip while riding a motorcycle is to wear a helmet. While this may seem like a no-brainer, many states have universal helmet laws, but some only require them for young drivers and riders, and some do not require helmets at all. Regardless of the laws in your state, wearing a helmet is the best way to stay safe on the road and avoid injury should an accident take place.  

Wearing other protective gear can be beneficial as well. Biker jackets aren't just for looks - leather is a great way to protect yourself from injury if a motorcycle accident occurs. Leather clothing, gloves, and non-slip boots could end up being a lifesaver.

Stay Alert

Staying alert while driving is important no matter what vehicle you're in, but the vulnerability of a motorcycle makes this tip extra important. We all know the importance of driving while sober, but it's vital to your safety and the safety of others and it deserves to be reiterated. Driving while drowsy can also be just as dangerous as driving under the influence, and will decrease your ability to respond to threats on the road and react to changing situations. Before heading out on your bike, make sure you're alert, awake, and committed to being mentally present during your entire drive.

Be Defensive

Weaving in and out of traffic on your motorcycle may sound exhilarating, but it's incredibly dangerous and makes it difficult for other motorists to properly anticipate your movements. Be a defensive driver and make sure you can be seen clearly by others on the road. Stay aware of your placement in the blind spot of big cars and trucks, and be sure to signal all turns and movements on the road. And, of course, follow the speed limit and all traffic laws. 

Unfortunately, with all the preparation in the world, you cannot control the actions of other drivers - you can only prepare for them by staying alert and wearing the appropriate protective gear. If you find yourself in an accident, call a St. Louis motorcycle accident lawyer today. Motorcycle accidents can be devastating, and a lawyer will help you work to receive the compensation you deserve.

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