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Learn English faster: 7 methods you haven’t thought about before

Learn English faster: 7 methods you haven’t thought about before

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Some people say that they have no talent for learning languages. They are wrong, as acquiring a new language is as natural as learning new words in your mother tongue or getting new skills in any sphere of life. If you have learned by heart all the grammar rules, studied all the manuals available, read all the plays by Shakespear and novels by Moem and Galsworthy, but nothing helps, it's time to try something unusual.

1.   Play games

If you're a gamer, you're a lucky person with a constant motivation to learn English. The thing is, most of the great games are released in English first and you can play them this year and not the next century only if you can understand what it's all about. Listen to dialogs, read stories, and enjoy your games. And you can always explain to your parents that you're busy learning new vocabulary and not just staring on the screen for six hours in a row. A good example of playing and learning is Scrabble; this game will help you improve your vocabulary and have fun at the same time! You can even use a word unscrambler tool like Unscramblex to find different combinations and increase your chances of winning. 

2.   Watch films you've already seen

This time, however, watch them in English. Thanks to Hollywood, it's quite easy to find a movie you like and watch it with the original script. Enjoy your favorite scenes knowing what actors say and listening to how your favorite dialogs sound in English. If it's too hard for you, watch a film with subtitles.

3.   Read and listen simultaneously

Many words in English are pronounced not as they are written. To remember how words look and sound the right way, it's better to see them and to hear someone pronouncing them simultaneously. Take a book, download its audio version, and start reading and listening at the same time. This will feel weird in the beginning but will take your reading to the next level.

4.   Have your papers written by professionals

If you have difficulties making homework in English, buy papers online. With a reliable website, you will get your paper completed the best way and will be able to learn from the essays you receive. Check out the vocabulary your online helper has used, the structure of your paper, and try to mimic them.

5.   Use interesting tools for learning

Surround yourself with the English language. Listen to podcasts (for example, Joe Rogan Experience), watch cartoons, buy materials on subjects that are interesting for you. What you shouldn't do is trying to study using boring manuals, as they will simply kill your motivation.

6.   Dream

What will you do when your English will be fluent? Dream about places you will visit, things you will do, people you will meet, books you will read, information which will become available to you. Keep yourself motivated.

7.   Make it interesting

In learning foreign languages, you fail the very moment you lose your motivation. You will never learn a language if your only motive is to have it in your resume. Remind yourself that traveling becomes much easier if you're fluent in English, fall in love with someone who speaks English, become interested in the culture of the country where your language is native, talk to people. Be curious and transform learning into a fascinating game that never ends.

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