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Want to Get Hired? Learn Coding

Want to Get Hired? Learn Coding

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Nobody ever knows what the future holds, but digital technology will play an enormous role. Some people know how to use digital technology, and others know how to build it. Who do you think has better odds of getting hired?

People need to learn the skills that will matter years from now. If you're looking to enter the job market, learning to be a native speaker of the language of the future is the best thing you can do to prepare yourself. 

Learning to Code is a Game

Taking online coding classes is a great way to turn learning into a game - literally. Industry leaders can teach even young kids how to build their own video games using programming languages that professionals rely on to build games like World of Warcraft. 

Lessons rely on foundational math concepts, from integers to 3D vectors and trigonometry. Don't settle for a course that only shows you simple drag-and-drop concepts. Online learning centres should teach you how to use a variety of important coding languages:

  • Java

  • Python

  • C++

  • C#

  • Unity

The best instructional courses are those with a low teacher-to-student ratio. Some places have only four students per student. Face time with the teacher is especially important when the subject matter may be very new,  

When you learn the languages the gaming industry needs, it's easier to get a job at places like Microsoft, Shadow Blaze Games, Wind Jester Games, and more. 

Finally, the best online courses to teach coding have powerful content management systems to make e-learning more effective. It's hard to have this much fun getting prepared for the job market, and even kids can partake.

Doesn't Have to Take Long

Technology moves at a swift pace, and, understandably, people want to absorb it quickly so they can begin to move with it. Some university programs require several years and tens of thousands of dollars. Like anything, it can take years to become a master coder, but becoming proficient can be done in months, weeks, even days!

Make sure your teacher has experience in studying Computer Science or Engineering. You don't need to learn from a professor. Often, younger teachers are better when it comes to learning to code because they grew up playing video games in the internet's early days.

Young adult teachers who know their subject matter and make their content relatable and exciting make some of the best teachers. They can also get you learning to code faster than you thought possible, so you can start hunting for jobs without wasting any time. 

The world is changing, and tomorrow's jobs will require a skill set that students aren't likely to learn in most schools. The pandemic is only accelerating society's reliance on digital technology, from the rise of Ecommerce and even the gaming industry as people stay home longer to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. Learning to code can be fun, and it's a reliable way to find a great job in less time.

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