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The Key Responsibilities of the HR Department

The Key Responsibilities of the HR Department

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The HR department is the only department in every company that does not directly contribute to the work allocated by the company. Instead, it chooses to focus on the people who work in the organization. While at it, software like HR management systems comes in handy to ensure smooth functioning. 

A Human Resources department is exclusively dedicated to the employees of the company and their welfare. However, HR is responsible for a few of the essential in-office functions. 

This article will discuss their lesser-known responsibilities that are quite significant for a smooth-functioning workplace.

The HR department is responsible for remuneration

A lot of people live under the misinformation that payroll or remuneration is issued by the Accounts department instead of the HR department. It is true that they are responsible for calculating and keeping track of the payroll, but that is where all their duties end. 

The process of issuing the remuneration and ensuring that it has reached its recipient is one of the critical responsibilities of the HR department. If the company hires any outsourcing company or any merger takes place, it is also their responsibility to make sure that they receive their due. 

Every organization accommodates several employees in the different sections of the company. Ensuring that each of them has received their payroll manually can turn out to be pretty exhaustive. This is where the HR management system steps in and makes the job easier. The employees will still receive individual mails enquiring each of them regarding their payroll, but it will save the HR departments time. They will be able to focus on other obligations, like employee engagement or employee development at that time. 

Employee engagement is one of their key responsibilities

Employing engagement might sound trivial in contrast with the other aspects that concern the industry daily. However, employee engagement is one of the few ways that work towards maintaining a smooth-functioning workplace. 

HR team members come up with different activities for the employees that increase their engagement with each other. Increased attention turns up workplace morale, which ensures that more work gets done in the stipulated time. 

Thus, even when it feels like something employee engagement is as incidental as it gets, it does turn up productivity that ultimately contributes to the overall functioning of the company. 

It is responsible for the recruitment

Hiring is one of the essential processes that take place in a company. Recruitment professionals in the HR department have admitted that finding and attracting the ideal candidates are one of their biggest challenges. 

A company is made by its employees. Therefore, hiring the professionals whose work ethic or attributes that align with the interest is important to prepare the organization for success. 

On another note, this also underscores the importance of the HR department being informed on all the ongoing changes in the company. If the department is consulted with or partnered while making important decisions or changes in the company, it provides them with ample leverage while hunting for new talent. 

The HR department is also responsible for workforce planning 

When the company decides on a merger, acquisition, or reorganization, the primary job gets done by the HR department. They are responsible for keeping track of the new employees and creating a record for them as they do when a new employee joins the team. 

It is different for these employees because, unlike the recruits, the HR team members do not have enough clarity on their work ethic or interest. Admission of new people can also cause disruptions in the workflow chart or the employee engagement system that is already in order. 

The HR department is accountable for minimizing any hurdle and increasing productivity under any circumstances. 

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