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Strong Reasons Why Your Marketing Team Should Be Using DAM Software

Strong Reasons Why Your Marketing Team Should Be Using DAM Software

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As a marketing manager, you know that creating eye-catching and engaging content is what your marketing team does best. But are they letting disorganisation and the complexities of their roles get in the way of better results? As well as understanding customer behaviour, generating traffic and leads and maintaining a consistent customer experience your marketing department has another pressing issue on their hands - data. 

Or more specifically, too much of it. Marketing teams handle vast amounts of digital assets daily, a task that when not managed correctly, can be detrimental to the entire marketing process. It's time-consuming, confusing and can even lead to costly mistakes in terms of brand consistency and data security. 

It's for these reasons alone that more businesses are turning to marketing technology than ever before. But what other reasons are driving this interest? Read on to discover some strong reasons why your marketing team should be using DAM software. 

Smart collections for your assets

From sales materials to marketing campaigns, webpages to brochures, presentations to promotions, whatever your marketing teams are working on right now, the re-use of branded data including logos, fonts, banners and other exclusive graphics is all part of the brand identity process. 

As simple as this sounds, when you're having to sift through hundreds of files to find the right one, it's only going to elongate the process and make mistakes more probable. DAM software, creates smart collections of your assets, meaning that you can consistently use the same graphics time and time again, without having to search through mountains of data. Thanks to smart search and metadata tagging capabilities, all the files your users need to build on-brand content are just a couple of clicks away.

It makes sharing easy

Within marketing, files are sent from one location to another in quick succession. Within a creative production line, users often send completed materials back and forth for approval and share documents with each other throughout the development process. Without DAM users are trapped within complicated email threads, waiting for third party agencies or other departments to send across their design files or assets, or they simply run the risk of a digital leak by using unsafe file transfers. 

DAM leaves all that uncertainty and bottlenecks in the past, thanks to its simplistic and highly functional share and distribution assets. With unlimited file sizes, access expiration dates, user groups and permission profiles and automatic file embed codes, your marketing teams can streamline any project and get the organisation moving in the right direction. 

Content is always accessible

In today's business world, more people than ever are working from home. And remote workers often bear the brunt of file sharing frustrations and permission problems. Wherever your marketing teams are based, DAM software means that they always have access to the content they need regardless of location or time zone. It's never been quicker to have content approved and get those marketing and advertising campaigns, live! 

Final thoughts...

As you can see, investing in DAM software will benefit your marketing teams immensely. Speak with to see how they can help you. 

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