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Occupations to Consider (for hands-on people)

Occupations to Consider (for hands-on people)

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Take a look around at the professions your family and friends find themselves occupying. Some may work outdoors. Others may work in high-pressure offices. You may even know someone with the sort of job we all say we're going to do when we're children but few of us actually ever grow up to do, like a helicopter pilot or singing on stage at the theatre. 

But if you're the kind of hands-on person looking for an escape from the keyboard (for at least part of your day), what can you do that isn't far-fetched and offers great career prospects? Let's take a look at two top options that are suited to people who want to be more active during their working hours (without necessarily being a bodybuilder!).

Physical therapist 

Physical therapy is all about helping people to regain their independence following an injury or illness (follow the link to physical therapy college for more information). 

As long as there are people, there will be accidents. Unless our species adopts a way of life that involves walking around all day in thick bubble-wrap suits, we are always going to be plagued by the effects of slips, trips, and serious falls of all kinds. 

So, with no shortage of clients, and the opportunity to work hands-on for part of your day while engaging your brain throughout your work, could physical therapy be the right role for you? Remember, you're going to need patience. As much as you may think that you are gifted with the calm acceptance of other people that is usually reserved for the most serene of yoga instructors, you may find that you have your limits. 

For example, when people have been trying for weeks to regain their manual dexterity and they lose faith in the process and want to give up, are you going to have the empathy and the drive to keep them on track? It can be challenging work. But for the right person, it's a hands-on career that's fulfilling and rewarding. 

Hair stylist / beautician 

If you can't leave your house without looking a million dollars, you may be able to carve a career out of your love of all things glam. 

People like to look nice. From maintaining an everyday look that says you're a well-presented go-getter to full on hair and make up for nights out and celebrations, there's always a need for hair stylists and beauticians (keep up with hair styles here). 

You'll need an eye for design, and you may also benefit from strong opinions. Don't forget, clients will come to you with half-baked ideas about what they might like to see in the mirror. But you will need to back up your choices with a will of steel when it comes to explaining how face shape and complexion can help decide styles. 

Think you've got a tasteful eye and the kind of personality to overrule and help people when they don't know how to help themselves? A life behind the scissors or the makeup brush may be right for you. 

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