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Things to Consider When Hiring a New Employee

Things to Consider When Hiring a New Employee

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If you're starting a new business or hiring new employees, there are a few things you need to consider. You want to make sure that whoever you hire will be a great fit for your company. Ultimately, finding someone who will work in your company long-term is the goal. So as you begin the hiring process, think about these various things to ensure you get the perfect employee for the job!

Consider the Background Checks

An employment background check is probably one of the most important things you will need to do when offering a job to someone. More than likely, it will come back with no red flags. However, there are some circumstances that may warrant investigation before welcoming a new person to the job. For instance, if you work at a bank, it is probably important that you do not hire someone with a history of theft. 

Getting a background check will ensure that no employee hides important facts from their history. In addition, it protects and establishes accountability within your company.

Consider the Resume

Most employers can take one look at a resume and determine if the applicant is the right fit for the job. Pay attention to the detail that they add to their resume. Answer the following questions:

  • Is the applicant's work thorough? 

  • How long did they hold their position at their last two employers? 

  • Are there any gaps in employment that they might be hiding? 

  • What kind of skills do they have? 

  • How many years of experience is required to fulfill the job you're hiring for? 

  • Are there any typos or mistakes on the resume? 

Consider the overall appearance of the resume. A resume is the applicant's opportunity to put their best foot forward. Even bad employees should be able to make themselves look good on paper!  So if you notice anything that seems off, it should be a concern.

Consider the Interview

An interview is a chance to meet a potential candidate. Take note of how they carry themselves. Are they dressed appropriately and professionally? Do they speak clearly and with respect? Do they seem like they are answering questions honestly? 

Make a list of important qualifications for applicants. These can include, how they interact with other employees and how they deal with stressful situations. You can ask them about their style of leadership and how they interact with authority in the office. It can be helpful to ask them to recall various times when they were put in tough positions at previous jobs. Ask them about scenarios they might run into while working at your company and see how they will handle it. 

Consider the Person 

Last but not least, consider the person's personality. Don't just judge based on gender, religious views or nationality. It can be extremely hard to get to know a person during a single interview. However, you should try to get to know who they are outside of the office. What do they enjoy doing for fun? Do they volunteer anywhere and if so, with whom? Get to know what things are important to them. Doing this will allow you to get to know the candidate in a more personal way. It will also help your conversation be more natural and less intimidating for them. As they are speaking about things they love, hopefully, you will be able to catch a glimpse of their personality. 

Whether you are the hiring manager or an employee seeking a job, don't forget to be honest and upfront about your expectations for the job. The best thing you can do for yourself and your company is to be truthful in what you are looking for.

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