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University of Phoenix Works with Local and Regional Institutions to Create a Novel and Affordable Pathway to Degree Completion

University of Phoenix Works with Local and Regional Institutions to Create a Novel and Affordable Pathway to Degree Completion

(Photo : University of Phoenix Works with Local and Regional Institutions to Create a Novel and Affordable Pathway to Degree Completion)

University of Phoenix was founded on the idea that learners - whether working adults, first-time college students, military veterans or people from other backgrounds - should have access to a world-class education. The University pioneered the concept of self-paced and self-scheduled learning that is context-driven, based on the latest in science and real-world industrial needs. Traditional colleges and universities tend to focus on content-driven instruction that does not always prepare the learner for workplace challenges. In contrast, University of Phoenix focuses on preparing its students for the real-life projects and challenges they will face once they enter or re-enter the workforce.

University of Phoenix is passionate about helping learners learn and democratizing education access. The University has many custom-built plans and programs for adult learners, busy working adults and underprivileged and underserved communities. The University works constantly to improve offerings, learning models and other opportunities for anyone who dreams of educational attainment or career enhancement.

Toward this end, University of Phoenix is working with Joliet Junior College (JCC), Dallas College and several other regional institutions of higher learning to help students at those institutions earn a four-year degree from an accredited university.

JCC was America's first public community college. Dallas College comprises seven campuses in Dallas County, Texas that serve over 70,000 students every year in academic, continuing education and adult education programs.

The educational alliance between University of Phoenix and these institutions allows students to seamlessly enroll in and transfer their credits to the University toward a bachelor's degree in several different disciplines. Often referred to as the 3+1 Transfer Program, this new initiative allows students to complete up to three years of their degree at their participating local college and transfer those credits to University of Phoenix where they can then complete 11 more courses and earn a bachelor's degree.

With this arrangement, students can save on the cost of their education by spending three years completing their general course requirements at their local community college. Depending on your workload and class schedule, you can complete the remaining coursework in as little as 14 months.

Some of the degree tracks offered in this new arrangement include Bachelor of Science programs in business, health management, information technology and nursing.

University of Phoenix Provost John Woods praised JCC and stated that the University was honored to help their working adult students and other learners meet their potential with affordable, quality learning opportunities. By making it easier to transition from community college to University of Phoenix while leveraging the cost-savings associated with the 3+1 Transfer Program, colleges like JCC and Dallas College are making the higher education dreams of thousands of students a reality.

Dallas College's alignment with University of Phoenix is particularly strong in the high-demand and growing pathways of healthcare and IT. These degree programs will help students prepare for rewarding careers that will get them started on the right foot. The 3+1 Transfer Program will also help students save time and money while enabling them to graduate on time with a degree of their preference.

JJC's Manager of Adult Pathways and University Partnerships, Jeanette Konieczka, added that Joliet Junior College's relationship with University of Phoenix will help students smoothly transition from an associate degree to a bachelor's degree. The program will also prepare students for high-demand fields that need talent ready for the workplace. Both University of Phoenix and JCC have similar missions and are committed to student success, bringing together the best of both worlds for students.

To further assist students, University of Phoenix is waiving all fees and tuition expenses for the first course students take in the 3+1 Transfer Program and will provide a special associate degree transfer tuition rate for all remaining courses, leading to an average of $144 in savings per course.

To learn more about the program, please visit www.phoenix.edu/ccstudent.

About University of Phoenix

University of Phoenix is a pioneer in education innovation and a leader in helping working adults enhance enhance in their careers. Thanks to flexible schedules, relevant courses and interactive learning, the University helps students effectively learn what they need to know in order to excel in the workplace while simultaneously balancing their busy lives. Learn more about programs, offerings and benefits at https://www.phoenix.edu/.

About Joliet Junior College

JJC is the nation's first public community college. Its six campuses and education centers serve roughly 27,000 students every year. JCC offers customized and affordable certificate and associate degree options in nine core areas as well as $13 million in state and federal grants and scholarship assistance that exceeds $750,000 every year. Learn more about JJC's partners and transfer opportunities at www.jjc.edu/university-partners.

About Dallas College

Dallas College comprises seven campuses in Dallas County, Texas, and serves over 70,000 students every year. The college offers associate degree and career/technical certificate programs in over 100 areas and is one of the largest community college systems in Texas. Learn more about programs, offerings and financial aid options at https://www.dcccd.edu/

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