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Fascinating Reasons to Start Wearing Your Glasses at Work

Fascinating Reasons to Start Wearing Your Glasses at Work

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Are you someone who hates being seen in their glasses? Do you prefer to wear them in the comfort and privacy of your own home? Interestingly, more people than ever are falling back in love with their frames, and electing to wear glasses over contact lenses. Not only are glasses the perfect fashion accessory, but they're also lower maintenance, considerably cheaper and have never been more popular!

Whether you wear reading glasses, need bifocals (click this link to discover bifocal glasses at EyeBuyDirect.com) or have myopia, having to wear glasses often feels as though you've been dealt an unfortunate hand. However, updating your eyewear and finding the right frames to suit your lifestyle, your needs, your face shape and hair colour is easier when you know where to look.

There are many advantages to wearing your glasses rather than your contacts, but did you know that wearing them in the workplace could give you a distinct advantage over your co-workers and how you're perceived in the office? Let's take a look at some fascinating reasons to start wearing your glasses at work.

You'll look intelligent

This isn't to say that wearing your contacts detracts from your intelligence or your academic achievements. But studies have shown that people who wear glasses are deemed as intelligent, inherently studious individuals who pay close attention to detail - something which you may be familiar with if you've ever been targeted in the school playground because you wore glasses. As someone who looks like they know what they're doing, you may find that you're approached to take on additional responsibilities.

You'll experience less eye fatigue

You know more than most how tired your eyes can feel after a busy day staring at a screen. They're dry, itchy, red and tired. These symptoms can be an indication of digital eye strain, which can leave you suffering from headaches and discomfort, which in turn will affect your productivity. By wearing glasses at work, you'll have fewer issues with your eyes and if you invest in blue light blocking lenses, you'll even have additional protection from exposure to blue light.

You'll become more memorable

Whether your working environment has a relaxed approach to attire, or you're required to show up in a full suit or formal clothing, it's not always easy to stand apart from your co-workers. Updating your eyewear and embracing your glasses means you'll instantly become more recognisable. You might all be wearing smart attire, but those geek-chic frames you're wearing or brightly coloured browline frames could turn heads for all the right reasons.

And finally...

Life gets a little less complicated

Wearing contact lenses at work often means dry eyes, having to wash your hands if you want to take them out and replace them, discomfort and carrying around eye solution, contact lens pots to store them in and even spare contacts in case you lose one. Wearing glasses at work makes life a little easier. You simply wear your glasses, keep them clean and smear-free and that's it! You can focus on your work and enjoy the freedom of traditional frames.

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