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How Can University Students Boost Their Chances of Landing a Job in 2021

How Can University Students Boost Their Chances of Landing a Job in 2021

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Amid the ongoing pandemic, young people are apprehensive about their future job hunt. A lot of things have been put on hold due to social distancing and safety measurements. Many students are trying to make the most of the downtime by taking online learning courses and learning more skills from the safety of their homes.

If you want to land your dream job in 2021, you should be doing the following things to boost your chances.

Upgrade Your LinkedIn Profile & Resume

Due to the pandemic, many people were laid off and got unemployed due to the sudden shift in the way businesses were adapting to the sudden financial crisis. That said, make sure that you mention in your resume and profile where you spent that time. Mention the online course that you took, including whether they were paid or unpaid.

If you started your own business or any other side hustle, don't forget to mention it on your LinkedIn profile. We also encourage you to mention volunteer work and how the community benefited from it. The bottom line is to mention all things worth mentioning, which will make your resume or LinkedIn profile more interesting to potential employers.

Game up Your Social Network

With the ongoing pandemic, people are increasingly turning to social media platforms and connecting with people worldwide from different backgrounds. That said, the lockdown season has provided the perfect opportunity for everyone to game up their networking within their professional index.

The underlying goal should be to let the networking and conversation flow naturally without sounding too desperate for work. You could send special holiday e-greetings to your previous employers and colleagues. The goal of upping your networking game serves the purpose of keeping your relationships intact during social distancing.

Keep Applying

The world might be partially closed due to the ongoing pandemic, but you ought to stay on top of all job listings and keep applying whenever you get the opportunity and chance to apply. Look up the websites of the companies that you want to work for and bookmark them. You can also set up alerts on Google and Glassdoor for job openings that you can apply for.

If you come across an opportunity that you have dreamed about, you can check on LinkedIn whether someone of your contacts is linked to that relevant company and help you get in touch with the right person.

Stay Positive & Mindful

During the lockdown, many companies are finalizing their budget for new hiring, including adding new job positions. However, the underlying trick is to stay positive and remain patient, especially if you don't get called right away or get shortlisted for second interview calls.

We recommend that you spend the time wisely and positively while maintaining a positive attitude. You can listen to positive, motivational podcasts, read self-help books, write journals, and simply stay productive. The last thing you might want to do is to have a negative mindset and get depressed.

Trust us when we tell you about the importance of having a positive mindset. If the pandemic has taught us one thing, it is the uncertainty of life. We can't predict anything about the future since we cannot control the circumstances of life. The only thing that we can control is our reaction to what is happening to us.

A defeated mindset leads to no positive outcome. Also, stop getting obsessed over things that could have happened but did not happen. Our thoughts become our reality. Therefore, it is time to change the gear, level up the game of life, and become obsessed with success. 

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