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5 Tips for Starting a Career as a Social Media Manager

5 Tips for Starting a Career as a Social Media Manager

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With almost everyone being on one or more social media platforms, businesses have now turned their focus on social media as an essential avenue for reaching potential customers. This, in turn, has created a demand for social media managers as companies seek qualified individuals to help them increase brand recognition and boost sales on the different social media platforms. 

If you are beginning to consider social media management as a career, it's possible that you are uncertain about many things, including how to get started. But don't fret! Keep reading to discover several tips to help your career as a social media manager take off.

Get Formal Certification

You do not necessarily need to have formal education on social media management to become a social media manager. However, having specific social media certifications can give you an added edge as some employers may require you to have them. 

Luckily, there are many online programs such as Hootsuite academy, Facebook's Blueprint Certification, and Twitter Flight School that can help you get started on learning social media basics and getting certification. Besides getting certification, these programs can help you stay up to speed with new trends in the constantly changing industry.

Ensure Your Contacts with Clients Are Legally Sound

Taking up social media as a career means that you will have to transit from your everyday social media use into a more business-oriented approach. In business, you must ensure that all your processes, such as contract signing between you and your clients, are legally sound.

Unfortunately, creating a legally sound contract can be challenging, especially if you're just starting out or you do not have a background in legal matters. The good news is that Bonsai's social media contract can help you to generate a legally sound contract easily when starting out as a social media manager.  

Maintain Professionalism

Maintaining professionalism is vital when seeking employment in any field. As a social media manager, one way of exhibiting professionalism is by keeping your profile clean. Potential employers will most likely look into your personal profile to ensure that you fit the type of person they want to push their brand. If your profile shows you engaging in scandalous activities, you may lose out on employment opportunities. 

Keep Looking for Opportunities

Opportunities come to those who actively look for them. An excellent place to look for social media management opportunities would be on local and online job boards. Some common online job boards include Upwork, LinkedIn, Fiver - to name but a few - where you can always find potential employers.

You could also use cold pitching by reaching out to companies and brands you love or know they could be looking for social media managers.

Build Your Brand

If you are considering social media management as a career choice, it means you are in most, if not all, of the major social media platforms. To build yourself as a brand, ditch those useless posts that do not add value to you and instead use your social media presence to showcase yourself as an authority. You can do this by creating meaningful content that can help you gain fans and followers whom you convert into clients. Besides, potential employers will be looking to see your expertise in the field before hiring.

Summing Up

Social media marketing has seen constant growth over the years, and many businesses are looking at it as an avenue to drive sales increasing the demand for social media managers. If social media management is your chosen career path, the tips highlighted above can help you make a good start.

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