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Top 4 Tips for Managing PDF Files Effectively

Top 4 Tips for Managing PDF Files Effectively

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PDFs are everywhere you look online. Whether you need a form to fill in your details and submit an application with your local tax authority or you're simply looking for a paper, in 99% of the cases, you'll have to deal with a file in PDF format. 

Since they are easy to use, don't occupy lots of space, and keep formatting as intended by the author, PDF files are the go-to format for a wide array of documents shared online. Moreover, nowadays you don't even need Adobe Reader to open a PDF file - you just need a modern browser (like Chrome or Mozilla). Of course, PDF files work on mobile devices too. 

So, chances are you've worked with PDFs already. But are you sure you made full use of this format's potential? 

Most online users don't dig deeper than viewing their documents, and that's fine. However, if you work with this format a lot, it helps to know how to manage PDF files effectively. 

#1: Store All Your Files in PDF Format

As we mentioned, PDF files are small in size (one of the reasons the format became popular), which makes them ideal for storage. But, most importantly, they keep the formatting of the initial document and are not affected by platform versions (as it happens in the case of MS Office files). 

Lastly, it is easy to convert various file formats into PDF and vice-versa without needing any complex tools. For instance, converting PDF to Word and vice-versa is only a matter of clicking/tapping a button.

Overall, PDF is the best format for storing documents, reports, invoices, papers, and other files that contain important information that needs preserving. Not to mention that PDF files can be password protected or can have various protection settings in place.

#2: Split & Merge Features

Let's face it - it's way easier to browse & search one document than having to peruse several different files in search for one bit of information that's usually in the very last document you open. 

Luckily, you can merge serval files into one PDF file by using the Combine Files into a Single PDF feature available in Adobe Acrobat. This way, you don't have to lose hours to meaningless and exhausting copy-paste work. 

On the other hand, you can also split PDF files into several documents, in an effort to make them easier to share and manage.

#3: Advanced Search Options

Nowadays, search within a document or web page is a built-in function that everyone expects to access without hindrance. However, most files only support basic search options, which can make advanced searches a bit difficult. 

Now, if you use Adobe's free Reader software, you'll find a well-equipped search functionality (Edit -> Advanced Search -> Open Full Reader Search) that allows users to sort the content based on subject, text, and even interactive lists.

#4: Sharing Options

PDF files can be shared online without worrying that their content will get damaged in the process. This made it possible to work with governmental institutions online and helped pave the way to remote working (as one of the contributing factors).   

Moreover, you can use this format for collaborative remote work by allowing receivers to add comments and annotations to your document. This way, everyone in the team can join in with ideas and you can decide whether to accept them or not. 

In Summary

Since the PDF format is so popular, there are a wide array of cloud-based tools that allow users to make full use of this format's potential. Therefore, in order to manage your own files, you have access to all sorts of free tools that are easily accessible and reliable. You just have to find the ones that are most useful for your current needs.

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