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Top 5 Life Hacks How to Use Embedded Video to Boost Your Sales

Email Marketing Tips: How to Use Video Marketing for Email

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Videos are a great marketing tool you can use to improve your business. If you already heard about video email marketing but have no idea where to start, this detailed guide will help you to boost your company and take it to a new level. With some video email marketing examples, you can make a campaign that will help to engage more potential clients and partners to your business. In our article, we have gathered the most effective life hacks of embedding video in email.

The Main Advantages of Video Mail Marketing

Using email marketing, you can easily improve the business and make your company more productive and effective because it helps to connect with more subscribers. Read some advantages you can get by using email advertisement in your campaigns:

- Engagement with people through social media. Videos encourage people to engage with your business. As reported by Emma, using video email marketing directly in social media, you can inspire about 53% of customers to be in touch with your business company; 

-Customer experience. Of course, your clients are always searching for the best way to consume content, and as stated in the Retail Dive report, over 70% of people prefer watching videos to reading texts. It means you can boost your ROI by creating a successful video email campaign;

-Global reach. According to ADG Creative statistics, videos take about 80% of the world's data traffic. It means people prefer watching to reading. Most users read their emails on phones, so it means sending videos in emails is a great solution to reach more potential customers. 

If you want to create effective email advertisements, it's better not to include long texts inside. Keep in mind that emails with texts from 50 to 125 words have the highest response just because emails are not good for long texts. People who do not read when they see it may take a lot of time, but they may be more interested in watching a video. It means you should use only the most important phrases in the email and then explain more detailed things in the video.

The Most Effective Ways on How to Email Videos

When you make an email advertisement campaign, you must have a clear plan to follow. Depending on your own goals, there are many types of videos you can make. Here are the most common types used by professional email marketers:

- Promote the company;
- Promote a certain event and invite your subscribers to take part;
- Feature testimonials or reviews;
- Provide guidelines or learning experiences;
- Offer a demo version of a service or product.

You can use many approaches to create videos for email advertisements. If you have experience in recording and editing videos, you can make it yourself or hire a professional to record them properly. Of course, you can use various online tools to make different slideshow videos. 

When you already have decided what type of video you want to use, it's important to understand how to promote it. Here you need to select from three variants of embedding videos in the email:

- Sending video emails. It is an option when you just send a video in emails to your subscribers. Keep in mind, it's not the most effective way if your goal is to get the maximum views;
- Directing subscribers to a landing page with a video. You can get more views by placing a video on a site and send a link to potential customers;
- Using a digital platform. Some businesses need to share videos with people without making a landing page. The best solution here is to use a popular video platform to post your video there. 

So, when you've decided how to upload your advertisement video, you're ready to create it. Don't forget that you have to know the approximate length of your completed video before you start making it.

5 Effective Email Marketing Videos

Of course, it's quite important to choose a type of video and how to promote it, but if you want to create a successful campaign, feel free to use the next hints below.

1. Highlight your video with an email subject. The subject line is the first thing your subscribers pay attention to. You have to create an eye-catching and interesting subject that will help to increase the open rate percentage. 

2. Record interesting moments from the events. It's a good idea to record the most catching moments from the company's event and include them in the video. Needless to say, this will encourage subscribers to stay updated about the next event.

3. Create an annual report about your company. Probably you know that some brands make short newsletters that contain some important data about the company. It's very informative to send an annual report to your subscribers to keep them updated about the business. 

4. Create a personalized greeting. In a video, you can not only put some important information about your brand but also surprise your clients with a nice personalized email. This is a wonderful method to increase your company's popularity among people.

5. Add a short guide about your product or service for newbies. Do you want more people to be engaged in your business? Create a video that explains your new products or services. This is a great way to encourage people to ask more questions.

Video Mail Marketing: Do's and Don'ts

Here's what you should do and what it's better to avoid when you're creating a video mail marketing campaign.

DO experiment with the email's subject line

If you want more people to open and watch your video, just try to use the word "video" in the subject line of the email. Following statistics from Campaign Monitor, your email open rates will be increased by about 19%. Sounds cool and easy, right? The reason is simple: people prefer watching, not reading. And they open an email more willingly when they see the "magic word" from the very beginning. 

DO add a video to the email's signature

It's a simple and effective way to make your emails unique and more interesting. You can go to settings and add an image to your email signature. Just insert a GIF file, and it will play automatically. But you should take into consideration that some servers do not play these files. Usually, companies add their logo this way. It helps to attract the customers' attention and keeps them engaged with your business. 

DON'T make large videos

It's logical that if you have a big file, it may take a pile of time to upload it. We promise your subscribers won't wait for a long time to view the full video. Just in 3-5 seconds, they will close your email and forget about the video if it takes more time to start watching it. That's why we suggest using a good video compressor for PC/Mac, for example, Movavi Video Converter - a product that will help you to reduce the video file size in a few simple steps, or you can compress video online with the help of a special web app.

How to Add Videos to Your Emails

There are two ways of sending video emails: to use a video platform or to add it yourself. If you use video emailing software, it gives you the possibility to upload the completed file with a video and then insert it in the email when you want to make a campaign.

If you don't use a platform, you need to take a screenshot of it to create a thumbnail. Then use a tool for editing pictures and create a "play" triangular button, so your subscribers will understand it's a video and they can click on it. In the next step, you have to upload the prepared video to the site and save its URL. Then just create a new email, add the thumbnail you already have, and link it to the saved URL.  

Attachment Size Limits

Don't forget about the limit on the size of the video files you want to send through emails. As a rule, all the services allow attaching files less than a few MB's, and if you exceed the limit, they give an error saying the email cannot be sent due to the large size of the attachment. 

Of course, you can solve this problem by using cloud drives: it's easy to upload your files there and then send a link to the recipient. You can use various servers that allow uploading files up to 15 GB without any payment.  

Here are the five most popular email services in the USA: 

- Gmail

- Outlook

- Yahoo

- Hotmail

- ProtonMail

If you're interested, it's easy to find information about attachment size limits for more email services. 


Video email marketing is a wonderful decision to encourage your subscribers to watch your email advertisements. It's possible to create various types of videos and use various approaches to see which one works better for your company. 

Before you start making a new video, please make sure to consider the next things:

- Choosing the right type is significant for your success.
- It's important to create an eye-catching subject line and a clear CTA.
- You should provide useful information in videos.

With an effective plan and a perfectly made video, you can create a successful email advertising campaign that will increase your traffic and bring new clients to your business.

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