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How Cloud-based Performance Systems Help Employees Thrive

How Cloud-Based Performance Systems Help Employees Thrive

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Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever spent months working on a project, with little-to-no support or feedback from management? Do you tend to avoid reaching out to coworkers for ideas and discussion, or vice versa? Performance development and management are tough areas to crack for some businesses. The efficacy of the semi-annual performance review is highly suspect. In most situations, they don't really work and waiting long periods to provide feedback isn't really conducive to creating a positive atmosphere. Ideally, you want to forge the bonds of communication with your employees and create a space where everybody can freely communicate, give valuable feedback in real time, and participate together in the work without feeling like their contributions aren't being valued. Using a performance feedback platform lets you do all of this and more. Here are a few benefits of integrating one into your business operations today.

Easy To Use

When you're looking for a communication platform that doubles as a performance management tool, it's pretty important to make sure your employees are able to easily use it and that it's not more trouble to utilize than it's worth. Some platforms have a high learning curve and often make it more challenging or even frustrating to communicate using the system. A solid platform will offer an intuitive, easy to use interface that simply lets you communicate without any hurdles. An intuitive web and mobile experience is essential for allowing the platform to serve its intended purpose. 

Link Performance To Recognition

Cloud-based software can often be linked up to other services, such as social recognition or goal assessment platforms. The entire idea behind these platforms is to create an aura and environment of positivity throughout the recognition is part of that. Employee recognition involves recognizing the skills, contributions, and other positive qualities of coworkers as they perform their job duties. It's a way to highlight what they're doing right, how they've improved the operation, and more. Recognition creates a great working environment where people want to be engaged and stick around. So instead of doing a performance review where you rate somebody on a scale of 1 to 10 or 1 to 5, recognizing them in real time and also supplying performance feedback can ultimately lead to a better, more sustainable business with a valuable human element. Recognition is a great value for managers and employees alike, so utilizing it is key to success in any industry. 

Better Connections

Creating better interactions in connections with your employees - whether it's between management and subordinates or employees and their co-workers - is a laudable goal for any company operating in the current business environment. Networking is all well and good, but establishing connections is meaningful, positive, and conducive to creating a better working environment for your team. Adapting to the challenges you'll face throughout each project is easier when everyone is able to quickly exchange information, trusts one another, and exists in a generally positive environment.

Optimized Check-ins

Having a check-in with direct reports is an important part of any manager's job as well as being critical to improving the lives of employees. Check ins offer a number of essential functions for workers. They can drive engagement, which in turn helps with retention. An engaged employee is often happy and willing to work with their team toward a common goal within the company. Check-ins also provide positive direction and continuous learning opportunities, in addition to offering some motivation for the employee. Moreover, they'll improve the overall health of the company while simultaneously allowing managers to train, develop, and nurture employees in their company roles. Remember the key to success is through constant communication and no miscommunication-something every company can benefit from as part of their daily operations. Think of check-ins as an opportunity to provide feedback without relying on the antique semi-annual review to help develop employees. One great way to make sure check-ins happen often is to utilize a performance management tool to make them a part of your regular operations through a quick and convenient interface.


When you want to provide fast feedback, using a platform is ideal. Providing a culture of fast, positive feedback that employees can generate in a flexible way means the entire operation can run more smoothly with the ultimate goal in mind. Furthermore, the entire philosophy behind your team's performance can be significantly altered for the better by allowing this culture of feedback and goodwill to thrive. On the management side of things, you can see data telling you how using the program is working and get some pretty decent insights from your team. Ultimately, a performance management platform is a flexible tool for everyone and you should definitely consider using one at your business.

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