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College Degree Ideas for People Interested in Starting Their Own Business

College Degree Ideas for People Interested in Starting Their Own Business

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Whether you are a fresh high school graduate or an adult looking to further your education, a degree in business is always a great idea if you want to start your own company in the future. Not only will you have a solid degree under your belt (which makes it easy to find a job if things don't pan out), but you will also have a deep understanding of just how exactly a business works. 

Business Administration

A degree in business administration is a great idea if you're looking for a blanket degree that will cover a lot of fields. Business administration, in short, is managing an organization's resources, time, and employees. With this, you will also learn many important aspects of business such as accounting, finance, marketing, human resources and information technology. You will learn different skills like communication, effective leadership, strategizing, and presenting, all of which are incredibly applicable in a small-business setting. The best part of a business administration degree is its versatility; you can use your degree to run your own business, work in an office setting, or even work in different fields such as fashion, the arts, technology, and even music. The opportunities are endless with a degree in business administration.


A degree in accounting is great if you work well with numbers and formulas. If you are particularly skilled in problem solving, have a knack for paying strict attention to detail, and have strong organizational and planning skills, then accounting may be perfect for you. Getting a degree in accounting opens up many opportunities to pursue different careers including becoming a certified public or management accountant, an auditor, or a management analyst. The best part of an accounting degree is that it is incredibly applicable to your small business; you will have a strong understanding of how things work monetarily and will save a lot of money by not having to hire an extra employee to do your taxes. Plus, if your small business does not turn out exactly how you hoped, you can easily pursue another career.

Product Design

If your small business revolves around creating some sort of tangible good, then pursuing a degree at a product design school may be perfect for you. By getting a degree in product design, you will learn how to combine art, technology, science, and critical thinking in order to create extraordinary products or services. You will have an incredibly valuable and transferable degree, with the opportunity to pursue many different careers in different fields such as color and material design, design research, and even exhibition design. The best part of a degree in product design is how applicable it is to entrepreneurship; your degree focuses entirely on how to create products and services that appeal to the ever-changing market of consumers.  

Computer Science

Computer science degrees are easily one of the most popular degrees to pursue right now and with great reasoning- the market and employment rate for computer science graduates is expected to rise by 12% by 2028. A degree in computer science covers a vast variety of topics, including data science, computer engineering, managing IT systems, programming, and even graphic design depending on the classes that you take. All of these skills are extremely applicable in many settings, and for a small business owner, a degree in computer science may be helpful to build and code websites and organize business data. Specializing in graphic design will also help you learn how to correctly and effectively market your product to the public. Getting a degree in computer science means that you have the skills necessary to stay in the job market for years, which is incredibly important especially if your small business does not take off. 


Economics is another applicable degree idea for someone interested in pursuing a small business. For one, getting an education in economics will teach you how to analyze data and predict trends that will prove to be beneficial in the competitive business market. A degree in economics can be applied in many different fields such as banking, insurance, investing, and finance, all of which are not only applicable to a small business but also can help you find jobs on a larger scale. The salaries for those that pursue a degree in economics tend to be high and the job market for economists is ever-increasing, meaning that it will probably be quite easy to find a job if necessary. Furthermore, economics can prove to be beneficial in your own personal finances and help you learn more about the business around you.

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