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6 Ways PR Firms Can Expand Your Influence

6 Ways PR Firms Can Expand Your Influence

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It can take years to build a good brand reputation, but that reputation can be destroyed in minutes. Part of building your brand means learning to tell your story. A good PR firm is good at telling stories and sharing those stories in the right way through the right channels. If done well, they can get you in front of the right people through different media channels. While there has been a heavy emphasis on using social media marketing for businesses, it's important that businesses consider the big picture. A great public relations campaign helps you tell great stories to your customers that get them excited about your brand and that can even attract investment opportunities.

It's important to understand your business and personal goals when using a public relations strategy. Some companies need good PR to help them get ahead of scandals and issues, while others use them to build notoriety when they are new to the market or if they operate in an industry that is thought of as misleading or full of misinformation. For example, real estate professionals want to promote their sell rate and past success while a loan agency would use PR to highlight their competitive rates and customer service for future clients. If no one knows about your products and services, then it's impossible to grow. Here is how a PR company can help you expand your influence.

Formulate Unique Brand Messaging

Creating a unique brand message takes commitment. It's easy to get sucked into the rhetoric from other companies and try to piggyback on their success. But what makes a company likeable is their unique messaging. Companies like Toms shoes thrive because they have a story that makes them special. Public relations firms help businesses identify and communicate the spark that helps them stand out. When you're looking to expand your influence, you need to develop brand messaging that tells the story of your products and communicate it to all the right people.

Increase Excitement in Customers

Have you ever been so filled with anticipation for the release of a new product that you couldn't wait to buy it? Companies like Apple are great at this. They use public relations campaigns to build excitement around products and connecting to their brand. They make it exhilarating and exclusive to be their customer and own their product. While basic media campaigns can promote the details of when products will be released and what comes next, public relations goes one step further to release the information to potential investors and other stakeholders prior to public release.

Build Trust

How does a person know they can trust your brand? How can an investor know if you're a sure thing? One of the ways that PR firms expand your influence is to create messaging that builds trust. They might release earnings reports to investment firms. Maybe they'll share transparent details of how your company handled a tricky situation that impacted public perception. The more that people feel they can trust your business, the more likely they are to share about your brand and keep buying from you. People do business with brands they know, like, and trust and PR is one way to overcome hurdles that can lead to improving your reputation and helping people identify you as a trustworthy brand.

Improves Marketing Strategies

While a PR firm is not a marketing firm in and of itself, they can help you develop effective marketing strategies. One of the most important features of a good marketing plan is the messaging. PR firms are experts at crafting brand messaging and stories that communicate critical benefits to consumers. They understand that the messaging will change depending on the audience and know how to make tweaks that connect with people in all the right ways. A PR firm will leverage all the tools at their disposal to ensure each message goes to the right place. They may even use an online newsroom to more effectively and quickly disseminate information.

PR firms understand the difference between sending a news release and sharing a cool story about the things that your company is doing, and they understand when to do each of them. Whether you've made a partnership with an eco-friendly manufacturer, or you want to share about your initiative to reduce bullying in cyberspace, these stories are important for your company's brand and marketing plans.

Add Creative Insights

While you can come up with ideas all day long, a PR firm will offer outside perspective and can offer creative insights. If you're wondering why your last marketing plan was a flop and it seemed like no one was talking about it, they can help you make adjustments to get your brand back on top. These creative insights can help you think outside the box and get out of your comfort zone. You'll see opportunities from a different perspective and get out of the creative rut that has your brand hiding in the background.

While media campaigns can be utilitarian, PR firms weave stories together using creative ideas to help impact your target audience in powerful ways and help you reach your business goals.

Connect With Potential Investors

Growing a business takes money. If you're developing a new app or a new product that you know needs more backing, a PR firm can help. They know who to contact, what to say, and when to say things so that potential investors will take notice. When you're in the development stages of a hot new item, you'll need the backing of a skilled PR firm to get you out there.

Your influence in your industry will increase the more you use PR services. If done successfully, PR helps businesses get highly sought-after media placements that get you the attention you need.


Using PR as part of your marketing plan will help your business gain the influence you need. To improve your reputation and build trust with customers and potential investors, you need brand recognition and a lot of positive press in all the right places. It takes time to build a brand, but once you do it, you'll be able to maintain your position in the marketplace. Good PR will keep your name front and center, as well as the positive things you do for your employees, customers, and investors. People love a good story and PR helps others connect with what you're doing as a business.

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