Nov 13, 2013 10:03 PM EST

New Gold iPhone 5s Is Selling Right Off The Shelves: Can't Be Bought In Stores Anymore!


Seen the ad for the Gold iPhone 5s? Now you want a Gold iPhone 5s? About to go to your nearest store to look for this precious Gold iPhone 5s? Well you're not going to find any, because the Gold iPhone 5s is already wiped out from stores. 

It can only be bought online now.

It's the same as the other models of the iPhone 5s, but for some reason, Apple can't seem to keep a steady supply of the Gold iPhone 5s on shelves. 

The ad for the Gold iPhone 5s featured a sleek, sexy, and elegant smartphone that, in addtion to being a smartphone, comes in a color that brings out the megalomaniac in all of us. 

The Gold iPhone 5s shows that everybody goes weak for anything shiny and gold. Not everything that glitters is gold, goes the saying, and the Gold iPhone 5s is technically made of aluminum, but it's still breathtakingly beautiful.

The Gold iPhone has sold out instantly in China and Hong Kong, and carriers in Europe and Australia went through periods of having no units of the in-demand Gold iPhone 5s.

Apple stores deal with about 200,000 customers per square quearter, with the Gold iPhone 5s selling out immediately after stores gain any models.

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