Dec 02, 2013 09:45 PM EST

Caroline Berg Eriksen, Soccer Player's Wife, Gets Mean Remarks for Flaunting Perfect Curves Online 3 Days Post-Delivery

Caroline Berg Eriksen may be the epitome of a perfect curvaceous body, but there is something about this famous soccer player's wife that caused a heated debate online, and it's actually about her selfie post on Instagram that flaunted her sexy body three days post-delivery of her baby girl, Business Insider reported Monday.

Caroline Berg Eriksen, the wife of Norwegian Premier League player Lars Kristian Eriksen, is proud of her body. The 26-year-old Norwegian fitness blogger even showed it off through a selfie pic she posted after giving birth to a healthy baby girl on November 25th. She even captioned her selfie with: "I feel so empty and not 4 days after birth."

However, instead of getting congratulations and positive feedback for shedding of the baby weight just three days after her delivery, Eriksen received a lot of mean remarks from other women who stumbled upon her selife pic. One of them was Norwegian writer Suzanne Abel, who wrote an article for the publication Dagbladet with the headline, "I feel fat because Soccer Lady has given birth." Aabel said that the picture is giving young women an unrealistic view on how post-delivery bodies should look like.

"I think it is dangerous. I work with 16 year old girls. They struggle with body and food at some level all together. And they look up to famous people, as adults we almost forgot that we did as teenagers," she wrote. Aabel then continued with, "Over 70 percent of young women are struggling with low self-esteem and body contempt because only people who look like that here like posting pictures of themselves half naked four days after birth."

Meanwhile, Norwegian politician Gry Larsen also voiced out her opinion by posting a picture of her own stomach on her Facebook account and accompanying it with a caption that reads, "Two months after birth #Normal Lady." Larsen's photo shows her rather large belly with prominent stretch marks all over.

Nevertheless, Caroline Berg Eriksen also won some supporters who defended her from all the backlashing against her pic. But miss "perfect body after giving birth" also took some time to defend herself on Facebook saying, "I let out the picture because I'm proud of myself and my body for something as tough as a pregnancy / birth, and I think all mothers, regardless of body should be."

Additionally, in an interview for "Good Morning America," Eriksen even revealed that she gained 22 pounds while she was still pregnant, but lost almost all of it after giving birth.

 "During the pregnancy, people kept telling me that my body would never be the same and I wanted to show everybody that's not entirely true," she told ABC News.

And of course, Caroline's greatest defender also voiced out a resounding blow against all her bashers. Lars-Kristian Eriksen defended his wife through a post on his own Facebook page saying, "Who is it that creates body pressure? The one who posts selfie in lingerie because she is proud of herself, or those discussing [on the Internet] how a woman's body should look like after birth?"

It can be noted that the same thing happened to Maria Kang, when she posted a photo of herself in a sports bra and shorts along with her three sons with the caption, "What's your excuse?" However, Erica Souter, editor of The Stir told ABC News that Maria's photo "very much in your face. She meant it as a motivational tool. It came off insulting. Caroline was all about celebrating herself."

ABC News Senior Medical Contributor Dr. Jennifer Ashton commented on this bashing against women who simply want to show their bodies after giving birth. She said, "I think we have to put this all on a spectrum and realize that we should applaud the women who look great. But we shouldn't bash the women that can't achieve that."

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