Jan 02, 2014 12:47 PM EST

Lindsey Duke Hot Photos [SLIDESHOW]: Hot UCF Quarterback's Girlfriend Lindsey Duke Gets More Google Searches Than Famous Footballer? [PHOTOS]

Lindsey Duke's hot photos have become an instant viral hit on the internet after pictures of Central Florida quarterback Blake Bortles' model girlfriend were shared through her Instagram account.

Now referred to as the next Katherine Webb, Duke is the newly anticipated celebrity produced by the college bowl system, following her introduction to the world as the hot girlfriend of quarterback Blake Bortles  of the University of Central Florida.

ESPN recently did an in-depth documentary that followed quarterback Blake Bortles' rise to fame and glory in the college football world, the segment showing just before Bortles and the UCF Knights went against the Baylor Bears in a Fiesta Bowl matchup.

The ESPN segment put the spotlight briefly on the quarterback's hot girlfriend however, pointing out that model Lindsey Duke, whose hot photos draws in viewers by the millions, might just be slightly more famous than her footballer boyfriend.

The segment pointed out that searching for the model's name via Google gets millions of pages, not the least of which are filled with Lindsey Duke's hot photos, as opposed to the few hundred thousand pages her quarterback boyfriend's name produces.

"Apparently she is more of a household name than I am," an obviously bemused and proud Bortles shared to ESPN in the interview. "She's more famous than me, and there's nothing I can do about that."

Getting more hits than the star quarterback is by no means an easy feat, even with Lindsey Duke's hot photos still going viral weeks after its release, as the UFC ace is considered 2014 NFL Draft's top prospects and is expected to start in the football in the near future.

The quarterback's Central Florida head coach, George O'Leary, did not even try to deny Lindsey Duke's popularity and even shared his own opinions on his quarterback's girlfriend's ever-rising fame.

"I would hope as a head coach that the [Google search] numbers would be reversed," Coach O'Leary said in the ESPN interview. "But obviously you haven't seen his girlfriend. She deserves 6 million Googles."

Coach O'Leary could be referring to the Lindsey Duke's hot photos that have more than helped the rising model get her shot at celebrity status. 

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