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'The Good Wife' Season 5 Episode 12 [SPOILERS] Does Alicia Still Have Feelings for Will? [FREE LINK]

'The Good Wife' season 5 episode 12 is another interesting episode from CBS hit legal drama/thriller as fans are about to find out whether Alicia still has romantic feelings for Will and vice versa. The two will see each other in court while representing their clients and it seems that we will be treated with a semi-romantic gesture from the used-to-be couple. Meanwhile, another big question is about to be answered about Peter Florrick's involvement in the election fraud. Don't miss the all-new episode this Sunday night. Tune in on CBS at 9/8c or simply watch 'The Good Wife' through the official free link from CBS provided at the bottom.

In the mid-season finale of 'The Good Wife,' we saw what seemed to be a good plotline for a shocking twist crumble into something else. After Marilyn (Melissa George) revealed that she is naming her unborn child Peter, many raised their brows, wondering if the child was sired by Peter. We even saw Eli (Alan Cumming) hiring Kalinda (Archie Panjabi) to do a Sherlock Holmes stint by investigating the real deal behind Marilyn's child and the possibility of Peter Florrick being the father. Good thing, Kalinda found out that it was actually a different Peter, who fathered the child: a man named Peter Bogdanovich. But now that the paternity case is closed it seems the series has opened a window to another predicament for Peter (Chris North) and it is about his involvement with an election fraud. Looks like Mr. Florrick is walking on thin ice again. Catch the upcoming episode tonight on CBS at 9/8c, or you may simply watch 'The Good Wife' season 5 episode 12 through the free link shown at the end of this post.

In a sneak peek to 'The Good Wife' season 3 episode 12 titled "We, the Juries," we can see Alicia (Julianna Margulies) asking Peter to fix things and by this she might be referring to Peter's involvement with the election fraud story arch. Meanwhile, for those who are wondering if there is still hope for Alicia and Will (Josh Charles) to get back together, you will be given a different treatment as the two will be facing each other in court after the intense confrontation they had last week. Alongside this, we will find out if Alicia still has romantic feelings for her ex although we all know that she has her plate full at the moment given her too busy schedule at her new firm and her crammed schedule to fulfill her motherly role for her two kids. But hey we can see sparks along the way. Watch 'The Good Wife' season 5 episode 12 through the free link provided at the bottom to find out.

Meanwhile, executive producers Robert and Michelle King recently talked to TVLine about the things that are about to take place in tonight's episode. And the two were very eager to drop the bomb on whether or not the ex-couple are now missing each other. "The difference between Will and Alicia is that Alicia has a lot of other stuff pulling at her mental state that Will doesn't have," Michelle says adding, "She has two kids, she's trying to start a new firm... there isn't as much mental space for it." Additionally Robert tells Vulture that Alicia is "not more over than he (Will) is. At the end of act one, when she looks over at him and sees what he's suggesting, that he wants to put her on the stand, it's like, Oh my God, your hatred really is appalling. You're seeing her disbelief that he's gonna go there, that he's going to use pillow talk in his cross examination." Then, he adds, "But when she remembers him rubbing her leg under the table, it's because she's still attracted to the idea of Will as sexual object. And obviously what comes with that is passion for love, or passion for another person. I don't think she's over it at all. Will just hasn't faced his heartbreak until this moment, and it's coming out in very ugly and depressing ways." Don't miss tonight's show, watch 'The Good Wife' season 5 episode 12 online using the free link found at the bottom.

The official synopsis for 'The Good Wife' season 5 episode 12 "We, the Juries" reads: "Alicia and Will insist on separate juries for their clients when they each represent one half of a couple accused of drug smuggling; Cary woos a Lockhart/Gardner client; Kalinda tries to fix a broken relationship."

"We, the Juries" is scheduled to air this Jan. 12, Sunday, at 9/8c on CBS. Watch 'The Good Wife' season 5 episode 12 using this free link here.

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